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Build Status
Download F-Droid
Download Google Play
Download Testing


Husky is a fork of Tusky that aimed to support Pleroma's Mastodon API extensions and some ideas that I may come up with.

Tusky is quote, unquote, ... a beautiful Android client for [Mastodon]( Mastodon is an ActivityPub federated social network. That means no single entity controls the whole network, rather, like e-mail, volunteers and organisations operate their own independent servers, users from which can all interact with each other seamlessly.

Main changes so far

  • Emoji reactions support
  • Removed attachment limits for Pleroma
  • Support for attaching anything on Pleroma
  • Support for changing OAuth application name
  • Markdown support with WYSIWYG editor
  • Support for extended accounts fields, so you can see who is admin or moderator on your instance
  • Subscribing support to annoy you with incoming notification from every post (upstreamed to Tusky)
  • Support for seen notifications to less annoy you
  • "Reply to" feature that allows to jump to replied status, useful for hellthreading ;)
  • Bigger emojis!
  • "Preview" feature on Pleroma


If you have any bug reports, feature requests or questions please open an issue or send us a post at!

For translating Tusky into your language, visit For translating Husky, visit

Head of development

This app was developed by The Tusky's maintainer is The fork main developer is