2741 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alibek Omarov fe7dd6f054 FilterTest: fix test 1 week ago
  Alibek Omarov e33032c707 Animated emoji support 1 week ago
  Alibek Omarov cfd5300c74 Attempt to fix custom emoji freeze bug 1 week ago
  Alibek Omarov cb294cd225 TimelineRepositoryTest: fix test 1 week ago
  Alibek Omarov dd2077372e Implement proper hiding muted users and conversations 1 week ago
  Alibek Omarov e8bff79ff1 Use SpannableString instead of SpannableStringBuilder when it's possible 2 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov e13a02e219 ChatActivity: fix crash, fix sticker button enabling conditions 3 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov 1805a99a6c ChatActivity: set sendbutton inactive when text or media are empty, fix media menu, fix media button stay inactive after removing media 3 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov 866e725d9c ComposeTokenizer: try to fix test 3 3 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov 7295ace378 ChatMessagesAdapter: fix non-clickable URLs 3 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov b5ffbfe000 ComposeTokenizer: try to fix test 2 3 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov e394eb6a5c ComposeTokenizer: try to fix test 3 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov ed2053b00f Account: add optional ap_id field 3 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov 5f198cde13 BottomSheetActivity: fix account URL search leading to wrong accounts or threads 3 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov 629a336e7e CommonComposeViewModel: filter all unrelated autocomplete suggestions 3 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov 3fff54c1f4 ComposeTokenizer: do not search stop after second @ 3 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov c5cedbe85f SpanUtils: allow extended username format 3 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov fabf921569 ChatActivity: fix #91 3 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov 9bdd4e49ca ComposeActivity: fix ignoring opened preview when back pressed 3 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov 7435d38d7b ChatsFragment: fix list not rendering sometimes 3 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov daabaf2bdb chats: implement attachment onClick 3 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov db18d55619 SFragment: open browser if attachment type is unknown 3 weeks ago
  Weblate 4eb56b713c Merge origin/develop 3 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov 9c1e60c55a Merge weblate/develop 3 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov bba5c06166 ViewImageFragment: fix thumbnail being shown under main image, fix scaling 3 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov 8774d2e476 Set preffered pixelformat for SubsamplingScaleImageView 3 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov 1514ee65f7 streaming: fix streaming may be disabled without running service, fix crash on start up 3 weeks ago
  Alibek Omarov 2e9b2cf409 Fix build errors after merge 3 weeks ago
  Levi Bard 8e7f77429b Set onClick listener for poll result view. (#1946) 3 weeks ago
  Levi Bard b32a7523d1 Save draft when redrafting a post (#1744) 3 weeks ago
  Konrad Pozniak f47265d920 improve relative poll timestamp string format (#1939) 3 weeks ago
  Levi Bard ba979f10e1 Publish mute/block events from the report activity. (#1945) 3 weeks ago
  Karol Kosek cf392c8f95 Use status text size for poll descriptions (#1942) 1 month ago
  Ivan Kupalov 162360eef3 Improve notifications fetching (#1930) 1 month ago
  duggalsu 8b1585dd88 Remove 'Add Data' button if all 4 metadata fields are used in Edit Profile (#1934) 1 month ago
  Konrad Pozniak e2d2d89afb simplify timeline cleanup (#1932) 1 month ago
  Konrad Pozniak cfd99ed216 fix another crash in ViewVideoFragment (#1926) 1 month ago
  Konrad Pozniak 2f137d8c92 fix various bugs when creating tab with multiple hashtags (#1925) 1 month ago
  Konrad Pozniak dceda501ad convert EmojiPreference and EmojiCompatFont to Kotlin (#1922) 1 month ago
  Konrad Pozniak 64ebcc39b6 use current user's avatar as drawer toggle (#1919) 1 month ago
  Konrad Pozniak 36a75a0ba3 explicitly set text colors in LicenseCard (#1910) 2 months ago
  Konrad Pozniak 8d9465a657 fix notifications sometimes not rendering (#1905) 2 months ago
  Karol Kosek d47b94265f SettingsConstants: fix home tab filters (#1906) 2 months ago
  Levi Bard abbcc5a9d0 Fix opening public filter list from account preferences (#1904) 2 months ago
  Konrad Pozniak 5f723de354 update dependencies (#1886) 2 months ago
  Konrad Pozniak 903165f7f6 add icon for tabs preference (#1892) 2 months ago
  Konrad Pozniak 609ea268ee Fix crash in ViewVideoFragment (#1894) 2 months ago
  Konrad Pozniak dfd9769c53 add setting to hide top toolbar 2 months ago
  David Teresi 6ceb5cda8b Allow newlines in image descriptions 2 months ago
  Alibek Omarov 70fd0b864f Regenerate translations 3 weeks ago