2786 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alibek Omarov b577bd3001 EditProfileActivity: allow adding fiels as much as instance allows (fix #89) 1 month ago
  Alibek Omarov a5355108d0 Fix #104 1 month ago
  Alibek Omarov e3b127d8af Fix #109 1 month ago
  Alibek Omarov 8b9965bf10 Add option to render subscriptions as normal posts(like Pleroma does) or switch back to Mastodon behavior 1 month ago
  Alibek Omarov 9e4ebb8d09 Fix tests 1 month ago
  Konrad Pozniak ec36b7bab6 fix the notification buttons on the Muted users page (#2009) 1 month ago
  Levi Bard ffa1ed6c09 Fix negative count on the unread announcements badge. (#2010) 1 month ago
  Levi Bard 88ccc982b4 Fix links in announcements. (#2011) 1 month ago
  Alibek Omarov 3fc9e76f40 Merge remote-tracking branch 'weblate/develop' into develop 1 month ago
  Alibek Omarov 2e3cf2a977 Import upstream translations 1 month ago
  Alibek Omarov 43ef09316e Merge translations from upstream 1 month ago
  Alibek Omarov f6dbaf2366 Support Mastodon notification bell and status notification type 1 month ago
  Alibek Omarov 51630ab82d subscriptions: change string 1 month ago
  Alibek Omarov 3b4b220ad6 NotificationsAdapter: apply same fix as a8c348906a 1 month ago
  Karol Kosek fa95cb8631 Add 'reply to' text to notifications 3 months ago
  Karol Kosek c21441dce4 Update pleroma status cache on reaction 3 months ago
  Alibek Omarov 1432aa06f3 Automatically prepend instance domain name, when domain name is omitted for images. Fixes very edge case when proxy base url is NULL 1 month ago
  Alibek Omarov db7d8855d5 ChatMessagesAdapter: post-merge fix 1 month ago
  Konrad Pozniak 6130624cc3 fix workmanager crashing because of async initialization (#2003) 1 month ago
  Konrad Pozniak 2db0fac60a fix crash when opening some audio attachments (#2002) 1 month ago
  Alibek Omarov 89c2f0c114 Notifications: add support for move notification type 1 month ago
  Alibek Omarov 62069d2c33 Notifications: add new virtual type for subscriptions 1 month ago
  Alibek Omarov 80a57e5afb Another post-merge build fix 1 month ago
  Mélanie Chauvel 6c545f9aa6 Implement optional notifications muting for account muting (#1856) 5 months ago
  Alibek Omarov a1d2231fcf Fix some issues after merge 1 month ago
  Konrad Pozniak c08b3ce59a better distinction between green and blue build flavors (#1997) 1 month ago
  Konrad Pozniak acde9e26c4 load drawer avatar earlier to avoid flicker on app start (#1993) 1 month ago
  Ivan Kupalov 33c4f4cab1 Fix some of the StrictMode violations (#1931) 1 month ago
  Konrad Pozniak 75708dd487 fix crash when clearing glide requests (#1989) 2 months ago
  Konrad Pozniak e8119ff411 upgrade dependencies (#1990) 2 months ago
  Konrad Pozniak 59a0045394 apply the home filter to lists (#1991) 2 months ago
  kyori19 a43b1617cf [needs help] Support announcements (#1977) 2 months ago
  Conny Duck efb5cd56bf upgrade material drawer 2 months ago
  Konrad Pozniak f7dc3da2b8 Personal account notes (#1978) 2 months ago
  Conor Flynn 4533cd87c2 Adds link to account page when clicking on displayName (#1982) 2 months ago
  Levi Bard e6c1e0dd68 Perform bidirectionality isolation manually instead of relying on `BidiFormatter` (#1976) 2 months ago
  Levi Bard b539df69ff Add tests for compose activity initial state changes (#1972) 2 months ago
  Garrit Franke b29182da0f Delete scheduled post after editing (#1947) 2 months ago
  Konrad Pozniak 3c6cc15cac use MaterialContainerTransform for ActionButton animation (#1961) 3 months ago
  Konrad Pozniak f7c8ac2d59 upgrade gradle and android gradle plugin (#1957) 3 months ago
  Levi Bard 170adc02ed Use blurhash for preview cards (#1960) 3 months ago
  Levi Bard 734dc7f091 Fix filtering of boosts (#1954) 3 months ago
  Vignesh Kumar f7dacb6ad0 Change characters left color to red when negative (#1952) 3 months ago
  Alibek Omarov 549e5217c4 Merge translations from upstream 1 month ago
  Alibek Omarov fe7dd6f054 FilterTest: fix test 3 months ago
  Alibek Omarov e33032c707 Animated emoji support 3 months ago
  Alibek Omarov cfd5300c74 Attempt to fix custom emoji freeze bug 3 months ago
  Alibek Omarov cb294cd225 TimelineRepositoryTest: fix test 3 months ago
  Alibek Omarov dd2077372e Implement proper hiding muted users and conversations 3 months ago
  Alibek Omarov e8bff79ff1 Use SpannableString instead of SpannableStringBuilder when it's possible 3 months ago