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* Copyright (c) 1996-2002, Valve LLC. All rights reserved.
* This product contains software technology licensed from Id
* Software, Inc. ("Id Technology"). Id Technology (c) 1996 Id Software, Inc.
* All Rights Reserved.
* Use, distribution, and modification of this source code and/or resulting
* object code is restricted to non-commercial enhancements to products from
* Valve LLC. All other use, distribution, or modification is prohibited
* without written permission from Valve LLC.
#pragma once
#if !defined(EVENT_FLAGS_H)
// Skip local host for event send.
#define FEV_NOTHOST (1<<0)
// Send the event reliably. You must specify the origin and angles and use
// PLAYBACK_EVENT_FULL for this to work correctly on the server for anything
// that depends on the event origin/angles. I.e., the origin/angles are not
// taken from the invoking edict for reliable events.
#define FEV_RELIABLE (1<<1)
// Don't restrict to PAS/PVS, send this event to _everybody_ on the server ( useful for stopping CHAN_STATIC
// sounds started by client event when client is not in PVS anymore ( hwguy in TFC e.g. ).
#define FEV_GLOBAL (1<<2)
// If this client already has one of these events in its queue, just update the event instead of sending it as a duplicate
#define FEV_UPDATE (1<<3)
// Only send to entity specified as the invoker
#define FEV_HOSTONLY (1<<4)
// Only send if the event was created on the server.
#define FEV_SERVER (1<<5)
// Only issue event client side ( from shared code )
#define FEV_CLIENT (1<<6)