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* Copyright (c) 1996-2002, Valve LLC. All rights reserved.
* This product contains software technology licensed from Id
* Software, Inc. ("Id Technology"). Id Technology (c) 1996 Id Software, Inc.
* All Rights Reserved.
* Use, distribution, and modification of this source code and/or resulting
* object code is restricted to non-commercial enhancements to products from
* Valve LLC. All other use, distribution, or modification is prohibited
* without written permission from Valve LLC.
// mathlib.h
#pragma once
#if !defined(MATHLIB_H)
#define MATHLIB_H
#if !__cplusplus
#include <math.h>
#include <tgmath.h>
#endif // HAVE_TGMATH_H
#else // __cplusplus
#include <cmath>
#include <math.h>
#endif // __cplusplus
typedef float vec_t;
#if !defined(DID_VEC3_T_DEFINE)
typedef vec_t vec3_t[3];
#if !defined(M_PI)
#define M_PI 3.14159265358979323846 // matches value in gcc v2 math.h
#if !defined(M_PI_F)
#define M_PI_F (float)M_PI
struct mplane_s;
extern vec3_t vec3_origin;
extern int nanmask;
#define IS_NAN(x) (((*(int *)&x)&nanmask)==nanmask)
#if !defined(VECTOR_H)
#define DotProduct(x,y) ((x)[0]*(y)[0]+(x)[1]*(y)[1]+(x)[2]*(y)[2])
#define VectorSubtract(a,b,c) {(c)[0]=(a)[0]-(b)[0];(c)[1]=(a)[1]-(b)[1];(c)[2]=(a)[2]-(b)[2];}
#define VectorAdd(a,b,c) {(c)[0]=(a)[0]+(b)[0];(c)[1]=(a)[1]+(b)[1];(c)[2]=(a)[2]+(b)[2];}
#define VectorCopy(a,b) {(b)[0]=(a)[0];(b)[1]=(a)[1];(b)[2]=(a)[2];}
#define VectorClear(a) {(a)[0]=0.0;(a)[1]=0.0;(a)[2]=0.0;}
void VectorMA (const vec3_t veca, float scale, const vec3_t vecb, vec3_t vecc);
vec_t _DotProduct (vec3_t v1, vec3_t v2);
void _VectorSubtract (vec3_t veca, vec3_t vecb, vec3_t out);
void _VectorAdd (vec3_t veca, vec3_t vecb, vec3_t out);
void _VectorCopy (vec3_t in, vec3_t out);
int VectorCompare (const vec3_t v1, const vec3_t v2);
float Length (const vec3_t v);
void CrossProduct (const vec3_t v1, const vec3_t v2, vec3_t cross);
float VectorNormalize (vec3_t v); // returns vector length
void VectorInverse (vec3_t v);
void VectorScale (const vec3_t in, vec_t scale, vec3_t out);
void R_ConcatRotations (float in1[3][3], float in2[3][3], float out[3][3]);
void R_ConcatTransforms (float in1[3][4], float in2[3][4], float out[3][4]);
void AngleVectors (const vec3_t angles, vec3_t forward, vec3_t right, vec3_t up);
void AngleVectorsTranspose (const vec3_t angles, vec3_t forward, vec3_t right, vec3_t up);
#define AngleIVectors AngleVectorsTranspose
void AngleMatrix (const vec3_t angles, float (*matrix)[4] );
void AngleIMatrix (const vec3_t angles, float (*matrix)[4] );
void VectorTransform (const vec3_t in1, float in2[3][4], vec3_t out);
void NormalizeAngles( vec3_t angles );
void InterpolateAngles( vec3_t start, vec3_t end, vec3_t output, float frac );
float AngleBetweenVectors( const vec3_t v1, const vec3_t v2 );
void VectorMatrix( vec3_t forward, vec3_t right, vec3_t up);
void VectorAngles( const vec3_t forward, vec3_t angles );
int InvertMatrix( const float * m, float *out );
int BoxOnPlaneSide (vec3_t emins, vec3_t emaxs, struct mplane_s *plane);
float anglemod(float a);
#define BOX_ON_PLANE_SIDE(emins, emaxs, p) \
(((p)->type < 3)? \
( \
((p)->dist <= (emins)[(p)->type])? \
1 \
: \
( \
((p)->dist >= (emaxs)[(p)->type])?\
2 \
: \
3 \
) \
) \
: \
BoxOnPlaneSide( (emins), (emaxs), (p)))
#endif // MATHLIB_H