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#! /usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# a1batross, mittorn, 2018
from __future__ import print_function
from waflib import Logs, Context, Configure
import sys
import os
VERSION = '2.4'
APPNAME = 'hlsdk-xash3d'
top = '.'
Context.Context.line_just = 55 # should fit for everything on 80x26
def get_taskgen_count(self):
try: idx = self.tg_idx_count
except: idx = 0 # don't set tg_idx_count to not increase counter
return idx
def options(opt):
grp = opt.add_option_group('Common options')
grp.add_option('-8', '--64bits', action = 'store_true', dest = 'ALLOW64', default = False,
help = 'allow targetting 64-bit engine(Linux/Windows/OSX x86 only) [default: %default]')
grp.add_option('--enable-voicemgr', action = 'store_true', dest = 'VOICEMGR', default = False,
help = 'enable voice manager [default: %default]')
grp.add_option('--disable-goldsrc-support', action = 'store_false', dest = 'GOLDSRC', default = True,
help = 'disable GoldSource engine support [default: %default]')
opt.load('compiler_optimizations subproject')
opt.add_subproject(['cl_dll', 'dlls'])
opt.load('xcompile compiler_cxx compiler_c clang_compilation_database strip_on_install msdev msvs')
if sys.platform == 'win32':
def configure(conf):
# Configuration
conf.env.GAMEDIR = 'valve'
conf.env.CLIENT_DIR = 'cl_dlls'
conf.env.SERVER_DIR = 'dlls'
conf.env.SERVER_NAME = 'hl'
conf.env.PREFIX = ''
conf.load('fwgslib reconfigure compiler_optimizations enforce_pic')
enforce_pic = True # modern defaults
conf.env.VOICEMGR = conf.options.VOICEMGR
conf.env.GOLDSRC = conf.options.GOLDSRC
# Force XP compability, all build targets should add
# subsystem=bld.env.MSVC_SUBSYSTEM
# TODO: wrapper around bld.stlib, bld.shlib and so on?
conf.env.MSVC_SUBSYSTEM = 'WINDOWS,5.01'
conf.env.MSVC_TARGETS = ['x86' if not conf.options.ALLOW64 else 'x64']
# Load compilers early
conf.load('xcompile compiler_c compiler_cxx')
# HACKHACK: override msvc DEST_CPU value by something that we understand
if conf.env.DEST_CPU == 'amd64':
conf.env.DEST_CPU = 'x86_64'
if conf.env.COMPILER_CC == 'msvc':
conf.load('msvs msdev strip_on_install')
if conf.env.DEST_OS == 'android':
conf.options.GOLDSRC = False
conf.env.SERVER_NAME = 'server' # can't be any other name, until specified
if conf.env.MAGX:
enforce_pic = False
# We restrict 64-bit builds ONLY for Win/Linux/OSX running on Intel architecture
# Because compatibility with original GoldSrc
if conf.env.DEST_OS in ['win32', 'linux', 'darwin'] and conf.env.DEST_CPU in ['x86_64']:
conf.env.BIT32_ALLOW64 = conf.options.ALLOW64
if not conf.env.BIT32_ALLOW64:'WARNING: will build engine for 32-bit target')
conf.env.BIT32_ALLOW64 = True
conf.env.BIT32_MANDATORY = not conf.env.BIT32_ALLOW64
conf.load('force_32bit library_naming')
compiler_optional_flags = [
c_compiler_optional_flags = [
cflags, linkflags = conf.get_optimization_flags()
# Here we don't differentiate C or C++ flags
if conf.options.LTO:
lto_cflags = {
'msvc': ['/GL'],
'gcc': ['-flto'],
'clang': ['-flto']
lto_linkflags = {
'msvc': ['/LTCG'],
'gcc': ['-flto'],
'clang': ['-flto']
cflags += conf.get_flags_by_compiler(lto_cflags, conf.env.COMPILER_CC)
linkflags += conf.get_flags_by_compiler(lto_linkflags, conf.env.COMPILER_CC)
if conf.options.POLLY:
polly_cflags = {
'gcc': ['-fgraphite-identity'],
'clang': ['-mllvm', '-polly']
# msvc sosat :(
cflags += conf.get_flags_by_compiler(polly_cflags, conf.env.COMPILER_CC)
# And here C++ flags starts to be treated separately
cxxflags = list(cflags)
if conf.env.COMPILER_CC != 'msvc':
conf.check_cc(cflags=cflags, msg= 'Checking for required C flags')
conf.check_cxx(cxxflags=cflags, msg= 'Checking for required C++ flags')
cflags += conf.filter_cflags(compiler_optional_flags + c_compiler_optional_flags, cflags)
cxxflags += conf.filter_cxxflags(compiler_optional_flags, cflags)
conf.env.append_unique('CFLAGS', cflags)
conf.env.append_unique('CXXFLAGS', cxxflags)
conf.env.append_unique('LINKFLAGS', linkflags)
# check if we can use C99 tgmath
if conf.check_cc(header_name='tgmath.h', mandatory=False):
tgmath_usable = conf.check_cc(fragment='''#include<tgmath.h>
int main(void){ return (int)sin(2.0f); }''',
msg='Checking if tgmath.h is usable', mandatory=False)
conf.define_cond('HAVE_TGMATH_H', tgmath_usable)
cmath_usable = conf.check_cxx(fragment='''#include<cmath>
int main(void){ return (int)sqrt(2.0f); }''',
msg='Checking if cmath is usable', mandatory = False)
conf.define_cond('HAVE_CMATH', cmath_usable)
if conf.env.COMPILER_CC == 'msvc':
conf.define('_CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS', True)
conf.define('_CRT_NONSTDC_NO_DEPRECATE', True)
elif conf.env.COMPILER_CC == 'owcc':
conf.env.append_unique('DEFINES', ['stricmp=strcasecmp', 'strnicmp=strncasecmp', '_snprintf=snprintf', '_vsnprintf=vsnprintf', '_LINUX', 'LINUX'])
conf.env.append_unique('CXXFLAGS', ['-Wno-invalid-offsetof', '-fno-rtti', '-fno-exceptions'])
# strip lib from pattern
if conf.env.DEST_OS not in ['android']:
if conf.env.cshlib_PATTERN.startswith('lib'):
conf.env.cshlib_PATTERN = conf.env.cshlib_PATTERN[3:]
if conf.env.cxxshlib_PATTERN.startswith('lib'):
conf.env.cxxshlib_PATTERN = conf.env.cxxshlib_PATTERN[3:]
conf.define('BARNACLE_FIX_VISIBILITY', False)
conf.define('CLIENT_WEAPONS', True)
conf.define('CROWBAR_IDLE_ANIM', False)
conf.define('CROWBAR_DELAY_FIX', False)
conf.define('CROWBAR_FIX_RAPID_CROWBAR', False)
conf.define('GAUSS_OVERCHARGE_FIX', False)
conf.define('OEM_BUILD', False)
conf.define('HLDEMO_BUILD', False)
conf.add_subproject(["cl_dll", "dlls"])
def build(bld):
bld.add_subproject(["cl_dll", "dlls"])