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Waf 2.0 is on
waflib the core library
waflib/Tools essential waf tools
waflib/extras contributed tools which are not included in the waf file by default
build_system_kit examples of build systems that can be created from Waf
tests various unit tests, most are unused anymore
playground experimental examples and test, most tools lie in the folder waflib/extras
demos integration tests - the folder can be configured as a standalone project
demos/* integration tests and examples used as documentation
docs documentation
docs/sphinx project extracting the docstrings from the source code to create the API documentation
API documentation
The Waf Book
General coding guidelines
* The code must run in both Python 2.6 to Python 3
* Use tabs for Python file indentation
* Use x.splitlines() instead of x.split('\n')
* Avoid "except:" and "except Exception:"
* Use Node.readf/Node.writef/Utils.readf/Utils.writef
Pull requests
When implementing complex features, please add examples in the showcase folder demos/
for modules under waflib/Tools, under tests/ for platform-independent unit tests,
or in playground/ for modules under waflib/extras.
The files under waflib/Tools/ are kept API-compatible for the duration
of a middle version (currently 2.0).