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If you are reporting bugs

  1. Check you are using latest version. You can build latest Xash3D FWGS for yourself, look to
  2. Check open issues is your bug is already reported and closed issues if it reported and fixed. Don't send bug if it's already reported.
  3. Re-run engine with -dev 2 -log arguments, reproduce bug and post engine.log which can be found in your working directory.
  4. Describe steps to reproduce bug.
  5. Describe which OS and architecture you are using.
  6. Attach screenshot if it will help clarify the situation.

If you are contributing code

Which branch?

  • We recommend using master branch.

Third-party libraries

  • Philosophy of any Xash Project by Uncle Mike: don't be bloated. We follow it too.
  • Adding new library is allowed only if there is a REAL reason to use it. It's will be nice, if you will leave a possibility to remove new dependency at build-time.
  • Adding new dependencies for Waf Build System is not welcomed.

Portability level

  • Xash3D have it's own crt library. It's recommended to use it. It most cases it's just a wrappers around standart C library.
  • If your feature need platform-specific code, move it to engine/platform and try to implement to every supported OS and every supported compiler or at least leave a stubs.
  • You must put it under appopriate macro. It's a rule: Xash3D FWGS must compile everywhere. For list of platforms we support, refer to public/build.h file.

Code style

  • This project uses mixed Quake's and HLSDK's C/C++ code style convention.

  • In short:

    • Use spaces in parenthesis.
    • Only tabs for indentation.
    • Any brace must have it's own line.
    • Short blocks, if statements and loops on single line are allowed.
    • Avoid magic numbers.
    • While macros are powerful, it's better to avoid overusing them.
    • If you unsure, try to mimic code style from anywhere else of engine source code.
  • ANY commit message should start from declaring a tags, in format:

    tag: added some bugs

    tag: subtag: fixed some features

    Tags can be any: subsystem, simple feature name or even just a filename, without extension. Just keep them always same, it helps keep history clean and commit messages short.