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import threading
import os
import layers.packet
from scapy.all import sniff
from scapy.utils import PcapWriter
class Sniffer():
The sniffer class lets the user begin and end sniffing whenever in a given location with a port to filter on.
Call start_sniffing to begin sniffing and stop_sniffing to stop sniffing.
def __init__(self, location, port, logger):
Intializes a sniffer object.
Needs a location and a port to filter on.
self.stop_sniffing_flag = False
self.location = location
self.port = port
self.pcap_thread = None
self.packet_dumper = None
self.logger = logger
full_path = os.path.dirname(location)
assert port, "Need to specify a port in order to launch a sniffer"
if not os.path.exists(full_path):
def __packet_callback(self, scapy_packet):
This callback is called whenever a packet is applied.
Returns true if it should finish, otherwise, returns false.
packet = layers.packet.Packet(scapy_packet)
for proto in ["TCP", "UDP"]:
if(packet.haslayer(proto) and ((packet[proto].sport == self.port) or (packet[proto].dport == self.port))):
return self.stop_sniffing_flag
return self.stop_sniffing_flag
def __spawn_sniffer(self):
Saves pcaps to a file. Should be run as a thread.
Ends when the stop_sniffing_flag is set. Should not be called by user
self.packet_dumper = PcapWriter(self.location, append=True, sync=True)
while(self.stop_sniffing_flag == False):
sniff(stop_filter=self.__packet_callback, timeout=1)
def start_sniffing(self):
Starts sniffing. Should be called by user.
self.stop_sniffing_flag = False
self.pcap_thread = threading.Thread(target=self.__spawn_sniffer)
self.logger.debug("Sniffer starting to port %d" % self.port)
def __enter__(self):
Defines a context manager for this sniffer; simply starts sniffing.
return self
def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_value, tb):
Defines exit context manager behavior for this sniffer; simply stops sniffing.
def stop_sniffing(self):
Stops the sniffer by setting the flag and calling join
self.stop_sniffing_flag = True
self.logger.debug("Sniffer stopping")