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from actions.action import Action
class SleepAction(Action):
Defines the SleepAction - causes the engine to pause before sending a packet.
# Do not select the sleep action during evolutions
frequency = 0
def __init__(self, time=1, environment_id=None):
Initializes the sleep action.
time (float): How much time the packet should delay before sending
environment_id (str, optional): Environment ID of the strategy this action is a part of
Action.__init__(self, "sleep", "out")
self.terminal = False
self.branching = False
self.time = time
def run(self, packet, logger):
The sleep action simply passes along the packet it was given with an instruction for how long the engine should sleep before sending it.
logger.debug(" - Adding %g sleep to given packet." % self.time)
packet.sleep = self.time
return packet, None
def __str__(self):
Returns a string representation.
s = Action.__str__(self)
s += "{%g}" % self.time
return s
def parse(self, string, logger):
Parses a string representation for this object.
if string:
self.time = float(string)
except ValueError:
logger.exception("Cannot parse time %s" % string)
return False
return True