ppc/pnv: Update skiboot to v7.0

This is skiboot 7.0 (commit 76b349cf7b40). Built using gcc 11.2.0 and
binutils 2.38.

Changes since the previous version:

Christophe Lombard (15):
      npu2: move opal api
      pau: introduce support
      rainier: detect pau devices
      pau: assign bars
      pau: create phb
      pau: enabling opencapi
      pau: translation layer configuration
      pau: enable interrupt on error
      pau: complete phb ops
      pau: hmi scom dump
      pau: phy init
      pau: link training
      pau: update current opal call functions
      pau: mmio invalidates
      pau: Add support for OpenCAPI Persistent Memory devices.

Cédric Le Goater (4):
      xive/p10: Fix xive_special_cache_check when DEBUG=1
      xive/p10: Fix mismatch errors when DEBUG=1
      interrupts: Do not advertise XICS support on P10
      skiboot v6.6.6 release notes

Frederic Barrat (6):
      phb4/5: Escalate page-level TCE kills
      npu3: Remove GPU support on Swift
      phb5: Remove obsolete capp-related properties
      xive/p10:: Declare xive2 DT node as an interrupt-controller
      skiboot v6.0.24 release notes
      opal-api: Drop diagnostics data type symbol for PHB5

Michael Ellerman (3):
      external/mambo: Print more info when the kernel is too big
      doc: Make it clear all existing platforms use Power9N
      docs: Add Swift, Mowgli & Rainier

Nicholas Piggin (12):
      external/mambo: Updates for POWER10 configuration for DD2.0
      external/mambo: Updates POWER9 SIM_CTRL1 to remove hardware atomic RC
      external/mambo: Add POWER10 small-core mode
      HBRT: fix clobbered r16 when host services handlers are called
      interrupts: add_opal_interrupts avoid NULL dereference on P10 mambo
      cpu: cpu_idle_job SMT priority fix
      cpu: add debug check in cpu_relax
      asm/head: Fix P10 HILE for little endian build
      phb4: annotate tbl_pest with endian types
      Remove support for POWER8 DD1
      phb3: make endian-clean
      flash: AST BMC endian fixes

Nick Child (1):
      secvar: Free md context on hash error

Ryan Grimm (1):
      AWAN simulator support for P10

Vasant Hegde (5):
      ci: Bump qemu version
      hello_world: Add p10 mambo tests
      skiboot v6.7.3 release notes
      skiboot v6.8.1 release notes
      skiboot v7.0 release notes

Signed-off-by: Joel Stanley <joel@jms.id.au>
Signed-off-by: Daniel Henrique Barboza <danielhb413@gmail.com>
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