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Stypox 6d98ad7abc
Further upgrade gradle to 8.1 1 month ago
Stypox 70b3ba310a
Upgrade to Gradle 8.0 1 month ago
TacoTheDank 0b11afaf2f Update Gradle to 7.5.1 10 months ago
TacoTheDank 7fb2973431 Update AGP, Gradle, and Kotlin 1 year ago
TacoTheDank 8291098b6d Update AGP and Gradle 1 year ago
TacoTheDank 23d14ab443 Fix some gradle deprecations 1 year ago
TacoTheDank 156bbad5b5 Update Gradle 1 year ago
mhmdanas dc09a4621b Fix Gradle checksum 2 years ago
Robin 13cac07b8d
Add gradle wrapper Sha256 2 years ago
TacoTheDank 573839c0ff Update Gradle to 7.x, AGP to 4.2.x 2 years ago
TacoTheDank 4c2a6e346d Update gradle wrapper 2 years ago
Stypox f0ca916432
Update most dependencies 3 years ago
Isira Seneviratne 290428b981 Enable support for core library desugaring. 3 years ago
wb9688 7231150115 Upgrade some dependencies 3 years ago
Mauricio Colli 137fabee0e Update Gradle and introduce Kotlin 4 years ago
Robin dcd5197a19 Update to ExoPlayer 2.10.5 4 years ago
Christian Schabesberger e1d2c576a9 remove shasum for new android studio 4 years ago
Poussinou 0bd040a851
Update gradle to 4.6 (and add corresponding distributionSha256Sum) 5 years ago
Poussinou 9d3e22200c
Update 5 years ago
Christian Schabesberger b40dd3e5c0 update gradle 5 years ago
wb9688 5d6320d925 Upgrade to Studio 3 6 years ago
Christian Schabesberger 2756db6601 downgrade gralde wrapper to 4.2 6 years ago
Jan-Lk Else cdca0c6325 Updated Gradle wrapper 6 years ago
Mauricio Colli 146d4a8365 Update extractor and refactored NewPipe 6 years ago
Mauricio Colli 6fb1847327 Update gradle wrapper version 6 years ago
Christian Schabesberger ffe832d061 update gradle verson 6 years ago
Christian Schabesberger 6dc5350c43 update gradle and fix load image error string 7 years ago
Ming Chen 9bcdad0218 Upgrade wrapper to 2.10 7 years ago
Christian Schabesberger 73d61f17b5 first commit 8 years ago