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Tobi 896d7e09eb
Merge pull request #978 from Theta-Dev/fix/search-channel-handles 3 days ago
Tobi 41c8dce452
Merge pull request #992 from Isira-Seneviratne/String_isBlank 1 week ago
Isira Seneviratne 2bca56f0df Use String.isBlank(). 1 week ago
Tobi a1128ecbdc
Merge pull request #991 from FireMasterK/fix-compile 1 week ago
ThetaDev 016623131e docs: update comment in YoutubeChannelInfoItemExtractor 1 week ago
Kavin 2e08eaad96
Fix complication error in comment test. 1 week ago
Kavin abf08e1496
Merge pull request #990 from FireMasterK/bold-italic-strikethrough 1 week ago
Tobi 72d5ed3318
Merge pull request #987 from FireMasterK/comments-text-description 1 week ago
Kavin 57e7a6fb7c
Add mocks test. 1 week ago
Kavin 1d3d7fa5c3
Add test for formatting. 1 week ago
Kavin 52fda37915
Implement bold/italic/strike-through support. 1 week ago
Kavin b566084cac
Use Description object for comments text. 1 week ago
Tobi 40f1ec4a54
Merge pull request #989 from Stypox/forbid-wrong-nullable-notnull-imports 1 week ago
Stypox 5f6101698b
Block wrong nullable/nonnull imports in checkstyle 1 week ago
Tobi f8162b049d
Merge pull request #984 from FireMasterK/unused-dep 2 weeks ago
Tobi ad7c3c2374
Merge pull request #985 from FireMasterK/checkstyle-update 2 weeks ago
Tobi 1da0190056
Merge pull request #980 from TeamNewPipe/fix/yt/unavailable 2 weeks ago
Stypox 60fb30f835
Merge pull request #928 from FireMasterK/comment-urls 2 weeks ago
Kavin 5abea22225
Fix throwing correct reason. 2 weeks ago
Kavin 7874d3c8aa
Update checkstyle dependency. 2 weeks ago
Kavin faf28f5c11
Remove unused dependency. 2 weeks ago
Kavin a3ed947b2d
Merge pull request #983 from FireMasterK/update-countries 2 weeks ago
Kavin c043597255
Update supported countries list. 2 weeks ago
TobiGr 4680df0bdf Fix throwing correct reason 2 weeks ago
TobiGr 9de8405c9f [YouTube] Fix extracting the detailed error message of streams which are unavailable 2 weeks ago
ThetaDev 5daabd1793 fix: #976 search subscriber count extraction with channel handles 2 weeks ago
Kavin c953e23414
Merge pull request #968 from AudricV/yt-support-no-video-info-renderers-for-streams 3 weeks ago
Tobi 2211a24b69
Merge pull request #971 from lrusso96/patch-1 3 weeks ago
Tobi f6eefdc76c
Merge pull request #975 from FireMasterK/jitpack 3 weeks ago
Kavin a1f22be0dd
Use JDK 11 for Jitpack gradle builds. 3 weeks ago
Kavin 9bdad55508
Merge pull request #973 from FireMasterK/audio-track 3 weeks ago
Kavin 86f06b333a
Address review. 4 weeks ago
Kavin b16e6082e1
Add test for audio stream languages. 4 weeks ago
Kavin 30909da1df
Fix audio track similar comparison for IDs. 4 weeks ago
Kavin 6d59cdbe3a
Add support for extracting audio tracks. 4 weeks ago
Tobi 43d1c1f8b1
Merge pull request #880 from Isira-Seneviratne/Use_StandardCharsets 4 weeks ago
Isira Seneviratne e4d982c7ea Fix license. 4 weeks ago
Isira Seneviratne 416089146e Fix failing tests. 4 weeks ago
Isira Seneviratne ff5f223d3f Update 4 weeks ago
Isira Seneviratne ddbce3b83d Add Utils methods for URL encoding/decoding using UTF-8. 4 weeks ago
Isira Seneviratne 366f5c1632 Use StandardCharsets.UTF_8. 4 weeks ago
Tobi 0ea16c0b73
Merge pull request #954 from TeamNewPipe/dependabot/gradle/ 4 weeks ago
dependabot[bot] 0b82fade51
Bump gson from 2.9.1 to 2.10 4 weeks ago
Luigi Russo c9635218e2
[YouTube] Improve duration parsing 4 weeks ago
Isira Seneviratne 1be270768f
Merge pull request #893 from Isira-Seneviratne/Static_sets 4 weeks ago
Isira Seneviratne 316d8573fa Use immutable sets in YoutubeParsingHelper. 1 month ago
AudricV 6a2c680d8f
[YouTube] Add mocks for YoutubeStreamExtractorDefaultTest.NoVisualMetadataVideoTest 1 month ago
AudricV e66fed41d6
[YouTube] Add a StreamExtractor test for a video without visual metadata 1 month ago
AudricV aa9a8ca23c
[YouTube] Make non-extraction of videoPrimaryInfoRenderer and/or videoSecondaryInfoRenderer not fatal 1 month ago
AudricV eb07d70a2c
Merge pull request #964 from AudricV/yt-support-handles-and-all-channel-usernames 1 month ago