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Stypox 5f6101698b
Block wrong nullable/nonnull imports in checkstyle 10 months ago
TiA4f8R 3c3cd78676
Remove Checkstyle suppressions file and fix Checkstyle issues introduced in 24e8399 and 8c1041d
The Checkstyle suppressions file is now replaced by // CHECKSTYLE:OFF and // CHECKSTYLE:ON comments.
1 year ago
Stypox bdadcfa1f7 Legitimately suppress remaining checkstyle warnings 2 years ago
Stypox 37690058d2 Add checkstyle to extractor gradle project
With respect to NewPipe's checkstyle.xml, checkstyle is disabled for javadoc comments. There is no need for strict rules over comments here in the extractor, as sometimes javadocs are just needed to clarify a small thing and having empty/meaningless @param or @throws is useless.
2 years ago