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Arya K 57d304161b
Add ~vern onion instance (#537) 6 months ago
Edward b5f21bcb97
Added 3 instances (#531) 6 months ago
Dyras 36c560144a
Remove (#535) 6 months ago
Edward 2bc714d0c5
Added Instance (#519) 6 months ago
Arya K ff4a515e24
change hosting location as we moved vps (#526) 6 months ago
Spike 93f089c2cf
Add (Close #527) 6 months ago
Artemis 23569206cc
L: Fixed two swapped config variables in the documentation. (#524) 6 months ago
guaddy a8a8980b98
Update (#516) 6 months ago
Spike fd7d977835
Add instance (close #515) 6 months ago
sybenx 50f26333cb
remove - dead/serves ads (#517) 6 months ago
BobIsMyManager 1c8bcf33c1
Made .onion instance url consistant (#511) 7 months ago
Spike 3bdc21f90a
Remove instance. Closes #510 7 months ago
Nico 62b2bbb231
Add instance (#504) 7 months ago
Nicholas Christopher 01bc729a80
✏️ Fix link to Cloudflare in (#506) 7 months ago
Arya K 39e6e6bf81
Add to instance list (#505) 7 months ago
Spike 1c50c8f30d
Update instances 7 months ago
5trongthany 3facaefb53
Add instance (#478) 8 months ago
Walkx aec45311cc
✍️fix: Tries to add better readability - ➡️ fix: Moves funding links to correct file (#477) 8 months ago
Spike a9ef5bc08b
Add instance. Closes #460 9 months ago
Spike 345770c64d
Update domain 9 months ago
Spike 3eef60d486
Add instances (#432, #433, #436, #438) 9 months ago
Spike 90c7088da2
Link Privacy Redirect as well 9 months ago
Spike 9e65a65556
Promote LibRedirect in README 9 months ago
Spike 8cfbde2710
Add LiberaPay "Donate" button back 9 months ago
Austin Huang 388779c1f2
Update instances (#421) 9 months ago
Kazi 6b605d859f
Add German instance (#429) 9 months ago
Kyle Roth 0ae48c400c
Add kylrth instances (#446) 9 months ago
Esmail EL BoB a6ed18d674
Changed location of my VPS :) (#415) 9 months ago
Slayer 838cdd95d1
Update (#360) 9 months ago
Spike bc95b08ffd
Update to Finland 11 months ago
Spike e6190267e4
Add instance. Closes #401 11 months ago
Spike 3ceeac5fb0
Add instance. Closes #399 11 months ago
Austin Huang 60eb0137c2
Add to instances (#398) 11 months ago
Spike b6bca68d4e
Add instance. Closes #397 11 months ago
Kazi af6606a855 instance location change (#387) 11 months ago
Spike e9038f4fe2
Add instance. Closes #380 11 months ago
Spike cad29e9544
Add instance. Closes #377 12 months ago
Spike 150ebe38f3
Add Buy Me a Coffee button as donation option 12 months ago
Esmail EL BoB 40e97cc75d
Add instance (#369) 12 months ago
Spike 227d74b187
Add instance. Closes #366 12 months ago
xatier a39495b3cb
Update 1 year ago
Spike 38cfe4ad71
Add instsance. Closes #357 1 year ago
Spike 0b89539c2b
Add instance. Closes #353 1 year ago
Spike 046b8b3edc
Add new onion instance. Closes #349 1 year ago
Spike 43551f70fd
Add leddit onion instance 1 year ago
spikecodes 364c29c4d5
Use resized icons for awards. Fixes #346 1 year ago
spikecodes 6f29d94337
List Liberapay as donation method 1 year ago
Spike 67e26479ae
Add instance. Closes #344 1 year ago
Spike 99a83ea11b
Add instance 1 year ago
Spike beada1f2b2
Update privacy policy 1 year ago