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spikecodes 1d4ea50a45
Add setting to autoplay videos 11 months ago
dacousb 350b796571
Support Deployment to Heroku (#280) 1 year ago
spikecodes 6a4191f3b5
Fix #272 1 year ago
spikecodes 982f57efd9
Fix user profiles showing up in search engines 1 year ago
spikecodes 41b3dc5739
More apt error messages for Reddit outages 1 year ago
spikecodes 45a5778571
Escape text-only flairs 1 year ago
accountForIssues be253d40dd
Escape html characters in post flairs (#247) 1 year ago
spikecodes 345f8e7b80
Dampen title color of visited posts. Fixes #222 1 year ago
spikecodes a190890239
Fix Regex matching of Reddit links 1 year ago
spikecodes 56998b8332
Rewrite links 1 year ago
spikecodes d2002c9027
Disable dysfunctional moderator list feature 1 year ago
spikecodes d27bd782ce
Specify fallback fonts 1 year ago
spikecodes 4defb58f2a
Optimizations and commenting 1 year ago
spikecodes ba42fc066f
Fix two subscription bugs 1 year ago
spikecodes b9af6f47f3
Use Inter font 1 year ago
spikecodes 73732a2a44
Fix subscription clearing when saving settings 1 year ago
spikecodes 43ed9756dc
Upgrade to v0.14 1 year ago
curlpipe 8bb247af3b
Added support for quarantined subreddits (#219) 1 year ago
spikecodes 4f09333cd7
Handle three unwraps 1 year ago
spikecodes e4f9bd7b8d
Configure default settings using environment variables 1 year ago
Adrian Lebioda 928907086c
HLS video playback (#182) 1 year ago
curlpipe 536a766960
WIP: Various subreddit & post fixes (#215) 1 year ago
spikecodes e34329cfee
Upgrade to v0.11.1 1 year ago
imabritishcow 97a0680bd0
Support GIFs in comments (#217) 1 year ago
spikecodes c1560f4eba
Upgrade to v0.11.0 1 year ago
curlpipe 242ffab0da
Fix bug with subreddit subscription case & RTL languages (#214) 1 year ago
curlpipe 1211d781d0
Add list of moderators to sidebar (#213) 1 year ago
spikecodes 3cf787cf98
Fix #195 1 year ago
spikecodes a18db1e2b7
Properly pass preview queries to media proxy 2 years ago
spikecodes b3e4b7bfae
Add user following functionality 2 years ago
spikecodes f0f484288e
Fix function name 2 years ago
spikecodes c7f9386c01
Fix #169 2 years ago
spikecodes 66ac72beab
Fix clippy errors 2 years ago
spikecodes 6a7f725c12
Default subreddit post sorting. Closes #166 2 years ago
spikecodes 772d20615b
Sidebar about page. Closes #162 2 years ago
spikecodes 0bb1677520
Revert client to HTTP/1.1 2 years ago
spikecodes da4883db29
Upgrade client to HTTP/2 2 years ago
spikecodes 4c66e75f6b
Add HSTS command line flag 2 years ago
spikecodes 966e0ce921
Expand truncated numbers on mouseover. Close #156 2 years ago
spikecodes dc7e087ed0
Truncate negative scores 2 years ago
spikecodes 9b5176f7b9
Sub icons and truncated subscribers in search results 2 years ago
spikecodes 467342edf4
Patch broken homepage sorting 2 years ago
spikecodes a81502dde1
Fix wiki routing 2 years ago
spikecodes 0ce2d9054e
Handle non-ASCII post headers 2 years ago
spikecodes 07363e47a9
Request building error handler 2 years ago
spikecodes fb7faf6477
Handle HeaderValue and Uri parsing errors 2 years ago
spikecodes b14b4ff551
Rewrite server and client using Hyper 2 years ago
spikecodes f209757ed6
Handle proxy unwraps 2 years ago
spikecodes 4173362ce1
Fix #148 2 years ago
spikecodes b2ae5e486f
Rename subreddit::page to subreddit::community 2 years ago