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Zed 683c052036 Fix placeholders in photo rail 2 weeks ago
experimental Merge pull request #557 from jackyzy823/fix-bio-hashtag 3 months ago
routes Fix hidePinned preference 4 months ago
sass revert previous "fix", move absolute under embed 3 months ago
views Fix placeholders in photo rail 2 weeks ago
api.nim Fix list members not displaying 3 months ago
apiutils.nim Fix compilation with Nim 1.4.8 4 months ago
config.nim Add enableDebug config to turn on logs 5 months ago
consts.nim Use faster API to get pinned tweets 4 months ago
formatters.nim Rearchitect profile, support pins, Profile -> User 4 months ago
http_pool.nim Simplify bad http client pruning 4 months ago
nitter.nim changed code to be not shit 4 months ago
parser.nim Implement getSource proc 3 months ago
parserutils.nim Minor fixes, update tests 2 months ago
prefs.nim More cleanup 5 months ago
prefs_impl.nim removed weird spaces at end of line 4 months ago
query.nim Skip search requests when query is empty 5 months ago
redis_cache.nim Minor RSS behavior improvements 4 months ago
tokens.nim Set listMembers max remaining to 500 4 months ago
types.nim Implement requested changes 3 months ago
utils.nim Remove nim-regex dependency, improve performance 4 months ago