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import sys
from zipfile import ZipFile
def compareFiles(first, second):
while True:
firstBytes =;
secondBytes =;
if firstBytes != secondBytes:
return False
if firstBytes == b"":
return True
def compare(first, second):
firstZip = ZipFile(first, 'r')
secondZip = ZipFile(second, 'r')
firstList = list(filter(lambda firstInfo: firstInfo.filename not in FILES_TO_IGNORE, firstZip.infolist()))
secondList = list(filter(lambda secondInfo: secondInfo.filename not in FILES_TO_IGNORE, secondZip.infolist()))
if len(firstList) != len(secondList):
print("APKs has different amount of files (%d != %d)" % (len(firstList), len(secondList)))
return False
for firstInfo in firstList:
found = False
for secondInfo in secondList:
if firstInfo.filename == secondInfo.filename:
found = True
firstFile =, 'r')
secondFile =, 'r')
if compareFiles(firstFile, secondFile) != True:
print("APK file %s does not match" % firstInfo.filename)
return False
if found == False:
print("file %s not found in second APK" % firstInfo.filename)
return False
if len(secondList) != 0:
for secondInfo in secondList:
print("file %s not found in first APK" % secondInfo.filename)
return False
return True
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(sys.argv) != 3:
print("Usage: apkdiff <pathToFirstApk> <pathToSecondApk>")
if sys.argv[1] == sys.argv[2] or compare(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2]) == True:
print("APKs are the same!")
print("APKs are different!")