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  Your New SJW Waifu 8c7fd512ac Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 4 months ago
  Nick 932e0ed370
Merge pull request #139 from koloml/master 4 months ago
  Konstantin 868f7da3d2
Fixed aspect ratio for video element on mobile 4 months ago
  Your New SJW Waifu da0e74fcf7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 4 months ago
  Konstantin ed733b6992
More useful combined mode for small mobile display 5 months ago
  Konstantin 25260b213c
Merge pull request #1 from zorchenhimer/master 5 months ago
  Zorchenhimer 4e1e73b385 Update go alt-version link in the readme 6 months ago
  Nick fa72c4cf35
Merge pull request #135 from Brosilio/master 6 months ago
  brosilio 84f3fc5761 Changed settings.go to allow disabling the ratelimits. 6 months ago
  Zorchenhimer fd95fa708f Add MIT license 7 months ago
  Nick 1828ee5999
Merge pull request #130 from dunn/doc-commands 8 months ago
  Alex Dunn 4167c995fc readme: document new command-line options 8 months ago
  Zorchenhimer 630abfe474 Add option to change the RTMP listen address 8 months ago
  Nick fa206980e7
Merge pull request #126 from dunn/dockerignore 8 months ago
  Your New SJW Waifu 79f6f7f32c Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 8 months ago
  Nick f0553d5540
Merge pull request #125 from dunn/docs 8 months ago
  Alex Dunn 24bb7f8a5c add dockerignore file 8 months ago
  Alex Dunn e8833b16e1 readme: add table of contents 8 months ago
  Alex Dunn 43e70eb9af readme: document settings.json 8 months ago
  Nick 523f648379
Merge pull request #124 from dunn/emote-grid 8 months ago
  Nick 17ce730d65
Merge pull request #123 from dunn/scss 8 months ago
  Alex Dunn 25890d22c7 emotes: display in grid instead of one per line 8 months ago
  Alex Dunn d4d513420c extract inlined css into conditional classes 9 months ago
  Nick fb32ba7348
Merge pull request #121 from dunn/color-contrast 9 months ago
  Nick 9595f592bd
Merge pull request #122 from dunn/emote-oauth 9 months ago
  Alex Dunn 391db3f0bf emotes: send OAuth secret token to Twitch when fetching emotes 9 months ago
  Alex Dunn 086d22a941 colors: remove colors that aren't AA accessible 9 months ago
  Alex Dunn c8fba1dc5b colors: each on one line 9 months ago
  Nick c9e7af72b4
Merge pull request #120 from dunn/lurk 9 months ago
  Alex Dunn 9b85475fe4 add new setting to suppress join/leave announcements 9 months ago
  Alex Dunn d28d6e7635 sort settings.json 9 months ago
  Nick c91e5f5e1e
Merge pull request #119 from dunn/custom-title 9 months ago
  Alex Dunn 677a9fd9cb allow customization of <title> 9 months ago
  Your New SJW Waifu 7ab5e659ed Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 9 months ago
  Clif Gordon de117eb5a9 Prepend @ symbol to names shown in user list, so they highlight 10 months ago
  Nick d759a3d7ab
Merge pull request #115 from voldyman/overlay 9 months ago
  Akshay Shekher 3a5e5f8dbe made overlay background darker 9 months ago
  Akshay Shekher 5e5cb2d5b4 updated the mute icon 9 months ago
  Akshay Shekher 95c0663684 Made video muted by default and added overlay to ask the user to unmute 9 months ago
  Zorchenhimer 16c36ca9bc Don't wrap name highlights with colons 10 months ago
  Your New SJW Waifu b8564caa8b Add working dir 10 months ago
  Your New SJW Waifu 5c356bc9e0 Added systemd service 10 months ago
  Your New SJW Waifu 08a9782874 This config should work 10 months ago
  Zorchenhimer 94a4f08467 Make suggestions popup insert wrapped emotes 10 months ago
  Zorchenhimer fab56e39ea Rework emote parsing to properly handle wrapped emotes 10 months ago
  Zorchenhimer ce2150f719 Add ability to set admin password at startup 10 months ago
  Nick d08eff1bdb
Merge pull request #110 from MichaelThomasMPT/master 10 months ago
  MichaelThomasMPT 474eeb1153 Bans was present twice in the example settings.json file. 10 months ago
  Nick 10c2590677
Merge pull request #107 from nocylah/nocylah-mobile-tweaks 11 months ago
  Nick c85e95ca3f
Merge pull request #108 from nocylah/nocylah-wasm-exec 11 months ago