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Your New SJW Waifu 6948550d18 update defaults 11 months ago
Zorchenhimer 630abfe474 Add option to change the RTMP listen address 2 years ago
Alex Dunn 391db3f0bf emotes: send OAuth secret token to Twitch when fetching emotes 2 years ago
Alex Dunn 9b85475fe4 add new setting to suppress join/leave announcements 2 years ago
Alex Dunn d28d6e7635 sort settings.json 2 years ago
Alex Dunn 677a9fd9cb allow customization of <title> 2 years ago
Zorchenhimer fab56e39ea Rework emote parsing to properly handle wrapped emotes 2 years ago
Zorchenhimer ce2150f719 Add ability to set admin password at startup 2 years ago
MichaelThomasMPT 474eeb1153 Bans was present twice in the example settings.json file. 2 years ago
Zorchenhimer a73375f152 Fix emotes 3 years ago
Shuugo 345bf622d9
Fix Syntax error 3 years ago
Zorchenhimer cc3da4292e Update settings_example.json with new values 3 years ago
Zorchenhimer b30202441a Add a limit to the title length 3 years ago
joeyak fcb966dda6 Update example settings file 3 years ago
Zorchenhimer 2879ab2c95 Add stream key and listen address to settings.json 3 years ago