Autizmo Movie Night
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- break long words across lines
- mod commands
- auth command to gain mod status
- kick/mute/timeout
- list users
- purge chat
- mods cannot kick/ban other mods or admin
- only admin can kick/ban mods
- admin revoke command with password
- broadcast mod/unmod command results to mods and admins
- fix /color for mods and admins
- "login" options
- IP admin/mod?
- save ip/name combo for reconnects?
- Move kick/ban core functionality into command instead of room?
or to (server-side) client?
- add a Chatroom.FindUser(name) function
- rewrite Javascript to accept json data.
- separate data into commands and chat
- commands will just execute more JS (eg, changing title)
- chat will append chat message
- moves all styling to client
- rewrite javascript client in go webasm?
== Commands
change user color
italic chat message without leading colon. message is the same color as name.
display the number of users in chat
debugging command. prints name, mod, and admin status
authenticate to admin
= Mod commands
/playing [title] [link]
update title and link. clears title if no arguments
/sv <message>
server announcement message. it's red, with a red border, centered in chat.
kick user from chat
unmod self only
= Admin commands
reload emotes map
reloads the video player of everybody in chat
/unmod <name>
unmod a user
/mod <name> mod a user