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Tusooa Zhu e2d24eda57 Allow to skip cache in Cache plug 7 months ago
Sean King 17aa3644be
Copyright bump for 2022 10 months ago
Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier c4439c630f
Bump Copyright to 2021 2 years ago
lain 9ba60f70d2 Tests: Make as many tests as possible async. 2 years ago
lain b4b68b71fc Tests: Remove unneeded explicit cachex use. 2 years ago
Alexander Strizhakov 66e0b0065b
Cache plug module name 2 years ago
Alexander Strizhakov 7dffaef479
tests consistency 2 years ago
Mark Felder 05da5f5cca Update Copyrights 3 years ago
minibikini 11e12b5761 Add Pleroma.Plugs.Cache 3 years ago