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Iván Raskovsky 36519bdbee allow custom db port 2 weeks ago
freebsd/rc.d Improve FreeBSD rc script 2 years ago
init.d Remove release_env 2 years ago
netbsd/rc.d Simplify the NetBSD rc script. 4 years ago
openbsd Update/add OpenBSD config files 4 years ago Note the requirement for the url_format parameter 2 years ago
caddyfile-pleroma.example Update Caddyfile to Caddy v2 9 months ago fix invalidates media url's 2 years ago
pleroma-apache.conf Update Apache configuration. This has been tested. 2 years ago
pleroma-mongooseim.cfg allow custom db port 2 weeks ago
pleroma.nginx Actually fix with forward slashes being restricted inside nickname 4 months ago
pleroma.service Remove release_env 2 years ago
pleroma.supervisord Add supervisord configuration 4 years ago
pleroma.vcl Update the recommended VCL configuration 4 months ago