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import os
def save_signature(name, link, author):
with open(f"_data/signed/{author}.yaml", "w") as f:
f.write(f"name: {name.strip()}\nlink: {link.strip()}\n")
# Apparently most people can't follow a two-line template, e.g. miss 'name:' or
# 'link:' or use 'site:' instead of 'link:' or use 'mailto:' instead of
# 'link: mailto:', etc., so we have to guess in what way their interpretation is
# wrong, and try to make the format at least somewhat correct.
def import_signature_from_lines(name, link, author):
if name.lower().startswith("name:"):
name = name[5:]
if link.lower().startswith("link:"):
link = link[5:]
elif link.lower().startswith("site:"):
link = link[5:]
elif link.lower().startswith("mail:"):
link = "mailto:" + link[5:].strip()
elif link.lower().startswith("email:"):
link = "mailto:" + link[6:].strip()
elif link.lower().startswith("mailto:"):
link = "mailto:" + link[7:].strip()
# Demangle email
if "@" in link or "(at)" in link or "[at]" in link:
link = link.replace("[at]", "@")
link = link.replace("(at)", "@")
link = link.replace(" at ", "@")
link = link.replace("[dot]", ".")
link = link.replace("(dot)", ".")
link = link.replace(" dot ", ".")
link = link.replace(" ", "")
# Add protocol to links without it
if "://" not in link:
if "@" in link:
if not link.startswith("mailto:"):
link = f"mailto:{link}"
elif link.startswith("www.") or link.endswith(".com"):
link = f"https://{link}"
if "/" in link or "@" in link:
save_signature(name, link, author)
def parse_and_import_signature(content, author):
if os.path.isfile(f"_data/signed/{author}.yaml"):
content_lines = [line.strip() for line in content.replace("`", "").strip().split("\n") if line.strip()]
imported = False
for i in range(len(content_lines) - 1):
if content_lines[i].lower().startswith("name:") and content_lines[i + 1].lower().startswith("link:"):
import_signature_from_lines(content_lines[i], content_lines[i + 1], author)
imported = True
if not imported and len(content_lines) == 2:
import_signature_from_lines(*content_lines, author)