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import os
from collections import defaultdict
file_name_by_name = defaultdict(list)
file_name_by_link = defaultdict(list)
for file_name in sorted(os.listdir("_data/signed")):
with open(f"_data/signed/{file_name}") as f:
contents ="\r", "")
name = next(line for line in contents.split("\n") if line.startswith("name:"))[5:].strip()
link = next(line for line in contents.split("\n") if line.startswith("link:"))[5:].strip()
if name[0] == name[0].lower() or " " in name: # looks like a nickname or a full name
if link != "/#":
for name, file_names in file_name_by_name.items():
if len(file_names) == 1:
print(name, "duplicates:", file_names)
for link, file_names in file_name_by_link.items():
if len(file_names) == 1:
print(link, "duplicates:", file_names)