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Roman Chistokhodov ba2cab60df
Get VGUI back (optionally) (#194)
* Get VGUI back (optionally)

* Add some missing VGUI invocations

* Update CMakeLists.txt to build with vgui for Windows

* Move windows.h inclusions only to those places where it's really needed

* Try fix mingw build

* Update hud_spectator

* Merge nekonomicon's vgui branch

* Don't include vgui panel and app in cdll_int.cpp if vgui is real

* Deduplicate scoreboard global variables

* Add options to prefer non-vgui motd and scoreboard when vgui is enabled

* Add vgui-dev as a submodule. Add building vith vgui to CI

* Fix artifact uploading

* Don't use global variable when not necessary

* char* to const char* in CMenuHandler_StringCommand constructor

* Fix 'format string is not a literal string' warnings

* Fix 'always evaluate to true' warnings

* Team Fortress classes to const char*

* CreateCommandMenu accepts const char*

* Fix printf formats. Turn some unsigned longs into unsigned ints since they use only 32 bits anyway

* Explicit assignment result as condition

* Prevent memory leak on menu reading

* Localize button text

* Create FileInputStream on stack avoiding the leak

* Remove Servers Browser code

* Arrow file names to const char*

* Fix assignment to the wrong variable
2021-10-27 01:35:11 +00:00