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lepz0r 8a5a49e2c8 Added ability to set log file logging level 7 months ago
VwCSXg c248c8b121 removed second initialisation nfqueue 10 months ago
VwCSXg e7ea905c45 Added closing logging handlers to __exit__ of engine
-> fixes problem with running out of file descriptors (usually after 1024 runs)
10 months ago
VwCSXg e495652a4a Uses Context Manager in main method 10 months ago
Michael Harrity 6f7b9e2c31 Server Port Strategy Hotfix
For backwards compatibility, the engine was sometimes called using
an int for the server port directly. This would cause an error, so
casting to str() solves that without needing to change anything.
2 years ago
Michael Harrity b7bd667ac7 Updated Engine Docstring
Updated the server_port arg in engine docstring to be a string.
2 years ago
Michael Harrity f149f1c6f3 Engine Allows Port Ranges/Lists
Updated the Geneva engine to allow for port ranges and lists
specifying which ports to monitor to modify packets. This works
using either a range like port 5000 to port 6000 =>
--server-port 5000:6000 or a list like port 5000, 5500, and 6000
=> --server-port 5000,5500,6000.

Any error checking on the port variable will be handled by the
iptables command.
2 years ago
yairfax 089e2541fc
Merge branch 'GEN-1_genetic_algorithm' into demo-mode 3 years ago
Yair Fax a6caeb1a72 fix arg typo 3 years ago
Yair Fax 0abac72ddb fix handlers exception 3 years ago
Yair Fax 01828ddf97 finish setting up custom logger for demo mode 3 years ago
Yair Fax 216e5636c4 add bones of demo mode 3 years ago
Yair Fax f01a0c1f93 fix engine args 3 years ago
Kkevsterrr 40d5c974cb Merge branch 'GEN-1_genetic_algorithm' of into GEN-1_genetic_algorithm 3 years ago
Kkevsterrr 5df38936ee Fixed --no-save-packets 3 years ago
Michael Harrity 0796312589 Reorganized layers into new directory. 3 years ago
Kkevsterrr 5f13b926e3 Starting commit for documentation & genetic algorithm 3 years ago
Kkevsterrr 89ce8d4f10 Added --server-side flag 3 years ago
Kkevsterrr 6412aada52 Added server side flag 3 years ago
Kkevsterrr bd7c6a3321 Additional engine coverage 4 years ago
Kkevsterrr e35038f131 Removed GFW specific message 4 years ago
George Hughey d0fd49800c Initial commit
Initial commit of Geneva
4 years ago