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Kevin Bock 1655fb1a3b
Merge pull request #52 from Mitochondrion2/patch-1 2 months ago
Frederick Sell 4e5bdc3dd2
"scapy 2.5.0" instead of "scapy 2.5" in comment 2 months ago
Frederick Sell aadc7fa7dd
added comment justifying assignment of None change 2 months ago
Kevin Bock 68f7b1ebdc
Merge pull request #53 from Mitochondrion2/patch-2 2 months ago
Frederick Sell f759e9c938
added test_compression_strategy from dev 2 months ago
Frederick Sell df7b2140a9
Set qd to None instead of deleting it 2 months ago
Kevin Bock 57e19c2d4c
Merge pull request #45 from lepz0r/master 5 months ago
Sadia Nourin 40dcb7c8b1
Merge pull request #46 from Kkevsterrr/amplification_plugin_bug 5 months ago 226b299257 Fixing bug 5 months ago
lepz0r 8a5a49e2c8 Added ability to set log file logging level 5 months ago
Kevin Bock 0cc829642c
Update 6 months ago
Kevin Bock 5551466e7c
Merge pull request #36 from VwCSXg/improve-http-plugin 7 months ago
VwCSXg 4108f731a7 added argument valid-http-contains 7 months ago
VwCSXg 1a1a8783c0 Small cleanup http-plugin/ 7 months ago
Kevin Bock 3c1c963c93
Merge pull request #35 from VwCSXg/close-filedescriptors 8 months ago
VwCSXg c248c8b121 removed second initialisation nfqueue 8 months ago
VwCSXg e7ea905c45 Added closing logging handlers to __exit__ of engine 8 months ago
VwCSXg e495652a4a Uses Context Manager in main method 8 months ago
Kevin Bock 2fc5b2f2f4
Fixed bug that caused population to shrink in some cases 1 year ago
Kevin Bock 36d3585545
Update 1 year ago
harrimd 74fbedb564
Merge pull request #30 from Kkevsterrr/strategy_port_hotfix 2 years ago
Michael Harrity 6f7b9e2c31 Server Port Strategy Hotfix 2 years ago
harrimd 8a919a9f18
Merge pull request #29 from Kkevsterrr/multiple_strat_ports 2 years ago
Michael Harrity b7bd667ac7 Updated Engine Docstring 2 years ago
Michael Harrity 00b2e0e5be Added Multiple Port Monitoring into README 2 years ago
Michael Harrity f149f1c6f3 Engine Allows Port Ranges/Lists 2 years ago
Kkevsterrr e788720bf3 Added amplification plugin 2 years ago
Kevin Bock 9c256c790b
Update 2 years ago
Kevin Bock 3eb6b7342f
Merge pull request #24 from Kkevsterrr/dependabot/pip/cryptography-3.3.2 2 years ago
dependabot[bot] 953657adb5
Bump cryptography from 3.2 to 3.3.2 2 years ago
Kevin Bock f2d3ea4b95
Merge pull request #23 from Kkevsterrr/dependabot/pip/cryptography-3.2 2 years ago
dependabot[bot] db3a346f42
Bump cryptography from 2.8 to 3.2 2 years ago
Kkevsterrr 1a7aa7c258 extra handling for timeout 2 years ago
Kkevsterrr 7e0bae99b3 Fixed failing tests 2 years ago
Kkevsterrr 3b3fdff874 Updated evaluator's handling of remote clients to prefer hostnames to IP addresses if they are defined 2 years ago
Ubuntu 9874ce083e Added bad word check in HTTP plugin 2 years ago
kkevsterrr 58f3c53dc2 Updated gitignore for workers 2 years ago
kkevsterrr df02cc6b56 Updated gitignore 2 years ago
kkevsterrr b6de1807b7 Moved airtel plugin and updated gitignore 2 years ago
Kkevsterrr 141b6d0fbf removed slackclient 3 years ago
Kkevsterrr 1f21dcb0b9 Added client plugin to train against India's new SNI censorship 3 years ago
Kkevsterrr 4f44a82e1d Committed missing SMTP plugin 3 years ago
Kkevsterrr 88cfcf45d5 Added LICENSE 3 years ago
Kkevsterrr de6823ba77 Added ESNI plugin 3 years ago
Kevin Bock 5b6a3455a8
Update 3 years ago
Kevin Bock 0c89b289c5
Update 3 years ago
Kevin Bock 293651a598
Merge pull request #15 from Kkevsterrr/GEN-1_genetic_algorithm 3 years ago
Kevin Bock 5fc9469d01
Merge pull request #19 from Kkevsterrr/demo-mode 3 years ago
Yair Fax 703dad8c2b fix merge conflicts 3 years ago
yairfax 089e2541fc
Merge branch 'GEN-1_genetic_algorithm' into demo-mode 3 years ago