QEMU With E2K User Support
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Marc-André Lureau 9ca9c893b6 include: add qemu/keyval.h 10 months ago
container.c qom/container: remove .instance_size initializer from container_info 3 years ago
meson.build qom: Move the creation of the library to the main meson.build 2 years ago
object.c virtio,pc,pci: features, cleanups, fixes 11 months ago
object_interfaces.c include: add qemu/keyval.h 10 months ago
qom-hmp-cmds.c qobject: Change qobject_to_json()'s value to GString 2 years ago
qom-qmp-cmds.c Use g_new() & friends where that makes obvious sense 11 months ago
qom-qobject.c error: Eliminate error_propagate() manually 3 years ago
trace-events docs: fix references to docs/devel/tracing.rst 2 years ago
trace.h trace: switch position of headers to what Meson requires 2 years ago