QEMU With E2K User Support
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Denis Drakhnia a8514e0e08 e2k: Update qemu-binfmt-conf.sh script. 8 months ago
ci Remove Ubuntu 18.04 container support from the repository 9 months ago
coccinelle scripts/coccinelle: New use-g_new-etc.cocci 11 months ago
codeconverter scripts/codeconverter: Update to latest version 2 years ago
coverity-scan Replacing CONFIG_VNC_PNG with CONFIG_PNG 9 months ago
kvm vmxcap: add tertiary execution controls 9 months ago
modules scripts/modules/module_block: Use Python 3 interpreter & add pseudo-main 3 years ago
oss-fuzz tests: move libqtest.h back under qtest/ 9 months ago
performance scripts/performance: Add dissect.py script 3 years ago
qapi qapi/expr: Enforce feature naming rules again 9 months ago
qemu-guest-agent qemu-guest-agent: freeze-hook to ignore dpkg files as well 5 years ago
qemugdb scripts/gdb: implement 'qemu bt' 2 years ago
qmp python: rename qemu.aqmp to qemu.qmp 10 months ago
simplebench python: rename qemu.aqmp to qemu.qmp 10 months ago
tracetool trace: fix compilation with lttng-ust >= 2.13 10 months ago
analyse-9p-simpletrace.py drop "from __future__ import print_function" 3 years ago
analyse-locks-simpletrace.py drop "from __future__ import print_function" 3 years ago
analyze-inclusions scripts/analyze-inclusions: drop qemu-common.h from analysis 10 months ago
analyze-migration.py analyze-migration.py: fix extract contents ('-x') errors 1 year ago
archive-source.sh build-sys: add meson submodule 2 years ago
block-coroutine-wrapper.py block-coroutine-wrapper.py: support BlockBackend first argument 1 year ago
check_sparse.py meson: move sparse detection to Meson and rewrite check_sparse.py 2 years ago
checkpatch.pl checkpatch: fix g_malloc check 9 months ago
clean-header-guards.pl scripts/: fix some comment spelling errors 2 years ago
clean-includes meson: rename included C source files to .c.inc 2 years ago
cleanup-trace-events.pl scripts/cleanup-trace-events: Emit files in alphabetical order 2 years ago
cocci-macro-file.h compiler.h: replace QEMU_NORETURN with G_NORETURN 10 months ago
cpu-x86-uarch-abi.py python: rename qemu.aqmp to qemu.qmp 10 months ago
decodetree.py decodetree: Extend argument set syntax to allow types 2 years ago
device-crash-test tests: run 'device-crash-test' from tests/venv 8 months ago
disas-objdump.pl scripts: Switch to more portable Perl shebang 6 years ago
dump-guest-memory.py drop "from __future__ import print_function" 3 years ago
entitlement.sh scripts/entitlement.sh: Use backward-compatible cp flags 1 year ago
extract-vsssdk-headers Add a script to extract VSS SDK headers on POSIX system 10 years ago
feature_to_c.sh meson: cpu-emu 2 years ago
fix-multiline-comments.sh docs: move CODING_STYLE into the developer documentation 2 years ago
gensyscalls.sh Hexagon (linux-user/hexagon) Linux user emulation 2 years ago
get_maintainer.pl get_maintainer: update repo URL to GitLab 2 years ago
git-submodule.sh configure: replace --enable/disable-git-update with --with-git-submodules 2 years ago
git.orderfile scripts/git.orderfile: Keep files with .inc extension sorted 2 years ago
hxtool meson: generate hxtool files 2 years ago
kernel-doc scripts/kernel-doc: strip QEMU_ from function definitions 2 years ago
make-config-poison.sh configure, meson: move config-poison.h to meson 1 year ago
make-release roms/edk2: Only initialize required submodules 1 year ago
meson-buildoptions.py meson: pass more options directly as -D 9 months ago
meson-buildoptions.sh regenerate meson-buildoptions.sh 8 months ago
meson.build trace: move configuration from configure to Meson 1 year ago
minikconf.py meson: infrastructure for building emulators 2 years ago
modinfo-collect.py scripts/modinfo-collect: remove unused/dead code 11 months ago
modinfo-generate.py modules: generates per-target modinfo 8 months ago
mtest2make.py build: add a more generic way to specify make->ninja dependencies 8 months ago
nsis.py nsis installer: Fix mouse-over descriptions for emulators 11 months ago
qapi-gen.py qapi: move generator entrypoint into package 2 years ago
qemu-binfmt-conf.sh e2k: Update qemu-binfmt-conf.sh script. 8 months ago
qemu-gdb.py scripts/gdb: implement 'qemu bt' 2 years ago
qemu-stamp.py meson, configure: move --with-pkgversion, CONFIG_STAMP to meson 9 months ago
qemu-trace-stap qemu-trace-stap: changing SYSTEMTAP_TAPSET considered harmful. 2 years ago
qemu-version.sh build-sys: fix git version from -version 2 years ago
refresh-pxe-roms.sh roms: rewrite scripts/refresh-pxe-roms.sh 9 years ago
render_block_graph.py python: rename qemu.aqmp to qemu.qmp 10 months ago
replay-dump.py nomaintainer: Fix Lesser GPL version number 2 years ago
shaderinclude.pl scripts: Switch to more portable Perl shebang 6 years ago
signrom.py drop "from __future__ import print_function" 3 years ago
simpletrace.py docs: fix references to docs/devel/tracing.rst 2 years ago
test-driver.py mtest2make: hide output of successful tests 2 years ago
tracetool.py tracetool: add output filename command-line argument 2 years ago
u2f-setup-gen.py scripts: Add u2f-setup-gen script 2 years ago
undefsym.py build: fix macOS --enable-modules build 2 years ago
update-linux-headers.sh headers: Add pvpanic.h 11 months ago
update-mips-syscall-args.sh linux-user, mips: update syscall-args-o32.c.inc to Linux v5.13 2 years ago
update-syscalltbl.sh linux-user, scripts: add a script to update syscall.tbl 3 years ago
userfaultfd-wrlat.py migration: introduce 'userfaultfd-wrlat.py' script 2 years ago
vmstate-static-checker.py drop "from __future__ import print_function" 3 years ago
xen-detect.c meson, configure: move Xen detection to meson 9 months ago