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litetex 231b7492fb
Merge pull request #7265 from TacoTheDank/userVisibleHintBGone 6 hours ago
TacoTheDank b4950fcb2e Clean up .gitignore files 2 days ago
TacoTheDank 51837ce36f Get rid of setUserVisibleHint 2 days ago
litetex 7edef8d5a2
Merge pull request #7222 from ktprograms/queue-menu-channel-details 3 days ago
litetex 03d2ca9f9f Fixed format of code 3 days ago
litetex 2271ea4281 Improved documentation 3 days ago
ktprograms afc8db8f81 Add reasoning for separate openChannelFragmentUsingIntent method 5 days ago
litetex 4af49ee5a6
Merge pull request #7194 from KalleStruik/add-to-playlist-in-share 5 days ago
TobiGr d7b29aae5c Merge branch 'master' into dev 6 days ago
litetex 9f7a8407ca
Merge pull request #7224 from vhouriet/vhouriet_fix_check-background-player-type 6 days ago
Tobi 7eb13a9b93
Merge pull request #7232 from TeamNewPipe/release/0.21.12 6 days ago
TobiGr 7c9896beaf Release NewPipe 0.21.12 (978) 6 days ago
TobiGr 54d3bff26d Move checking for new version to MainAcitvity 6 days ago
litetex a2050a5211
Merge pull request #7215 from litetex/code-cleanup-drawer-main-activity 1 week ago
litetex 048743c062
Merge pull request #7148 from TacoTheDank/androidxMediaBump 1 week ago
litetex e9bd2934c3
Merge pull request #7202 from vhouriet/vhouriet_bug_issue-6662 1 week ago
vhouriet 50634eb2b3 Check player type before displaying background player toast 1 week ago
Tobi 08489b81fb
Merge pull request #7220 from TeamNewPipe/code-improvements 1 week ago
ktprograms a2ff770afc Added the 'Show Channel Details' menu item to the Queue long press menu 1 week ago
Tobi e0ba9b3902
Merge pull request #7192 from TeamNewPipe/release/0.21.11 1 week ago
TobiGr f11b5ae7a1 Release NewPipep 0.21.11 (977) 2 weeks ago
Hosted Weblate 7baeb6eca7
Translated using Weblate (Indonesian) 1 week ago
TobiGr 658d988254 Simplify code and add annotations 1 week ago
Kalle Struik 9d7e9289bb Fix cursor color in PlaylistCreationDialog 1 week ago
Tobi 4e8519a1b9
Merge pull request #7213 from Redirion/npefix 1 week ago
litetex 12aac09c7b Fixed typo 1 week ago
litetex d7d87691cb Add to playlist - Showing toast that this may take a moment 1 week ago
litetex 731640997e Cleaned up PlaylistDialog-related code 1 week ago
litetex 64d7432852 Deduplicated drawer code in MainActivity 1 week ago
Robin e6fffc0d5b Fix crash on missing title when sharing livestream 1 week ago
vhouriet 1c9f68bcae Fix clicking timestamp shows Toast "Playing in popup mode" 2 weeks ago
Kalle Struik 4fde62ff89 Reorder preferred open action menu 2 weeks ago
XiangRongLin 4c5fc7fa7c
Merge pull request #7196 from litetex/use-correct-tag-NavigationHelper 2 weeks ago
litetex b633108a4c Use the correct TAG in NavigationHelper 2 weeks ago
Kalle Struik ceb55d0ede Set the theme for PlaylistCreationDialog explicitly. 2 weeks ago
Kalle Struik 87c958b2e7 Rename the "append_playlist" string to "add_to_playlist" 2 weeks ago
Kalle Struik d844e0aba6 Add a add to playlist option in the share menu. 2 weeks ago
Tobi 3d42da5ff5
Merge pull request #6642 from magicbrothers/add-eduvid 2 weeks ago
TobiGr 1b869199f4 Update extractor to 0.21.11 2 weeks ago
CloverBadland f3cd2f6c9d
Update README.es.md (#7188) 2 weeks ago
opusforlife2 2e3e7f9bf2
Drastically simplify Feature Request template (#7165) 2 weeks ago
TobiGr 92327dd9e3 Add changelog for NewPIpe 0.21.11 (977) 2 weeks ago
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Translated using Weblate (Portuguese (Portugal)) 3 weeks ago
Tobi 5b3137093f
Merge pull request #6824 from phigjm/player_queue_control_rearrangement 2 weeks ago
Tobi 4fc9f2e5fd
Merge pull request #7176 from litetex/fix-progress-bar-end-not-synced 2 weeks ago
Tobi ce592f4baf
Merge pull request #6980 from bravenewpipe/check-for-update-after-toggle-and-restart 2 weeks ago
Tobi 2b3edcf2d1
Add a comment 2 weeks ago
ygz213 f165f97bd9 Update READMEs 3 weeks ago
litetex 4ec572372e
Merge pull request #7177 from tsiflimagas/minimized-player-buttons-clickable-area 2 weeks ago
TacoTheDank a953aab9b4 Update AndroidX Media to 1.4.x 3 weeks ago