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Stypox 1b485ddb5a
Allow using CHECKSTYLE:OFF comments 2 months ago
Stypox bce77aaec7
Block rxjava3 nullable/nonnull imports in checkstyle 1 year ago
evermind f2e3020f9d checkstyle: declare org.jetbrains and javax.annotation Nullable's and NotNull/Nonnull as illegal imports 1 year ago
litetex 25a43b57b2 Updated checkstyle
So that the assign operators are used on the same branch
1 year ago
Stypox 53f8415e9b
Use @SuppressWarnings for checkstyle suppressions & warnings
It's better to use @SuppressWarnings instead of the suppressions file, so that the warning suppression is at the place where it acts.
2 years ago
Stypox 710964b47d
Update checkstyle to 10.0 and fix various related issues
- Put checkstyle files into checkstyle/ subfolder so that the gradle task does not implicitly depend on the whole project, fixing many warnings during build and possibly increasing build performance.
- Remove unused SuppressionXpathFilter from config file.
- Remove outdated suppressions from suppressions file.
2 years ago