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Most services on this list are Open Source and maintained by volunteers. If you enjoy one of these services please consider making a donation. If you are able to contribute to any project in any way, please consider doing so.

Thank you!

About this list

This list is intended to gather all the projects that help users to safeguard their privacy and keep their data private in all digital fields and perspectives.

This list may contain some errors and some services may be delisted in the future after discussion. Before going for a service/app make your own investigation, take time to explore and don't trust anybody. This list is just an index of privacy-friendly apps and services but it is not a guarantee that some issues could be discovered in the future for a particular service/app.

If you want to add a service, just fork this project and create a PR with you additions. I will review the new services you listed and merge it if they are fine, if there are any kind of doubts we will discuss them on the PR comment section. If you don't want to make a fork+PR, open an issue and propose the service/services.

If you think or find that a listed service is not respecting users privacy, please open an issue and we will discuss about it, and if it is needed it will be delisted.

Anybody is welcome to add anything via PR or creating an issue, so if you stumble across this list and you were thinking about creating one you can just contribute to this one here and be a collaborator instead of starting a new one from zero.