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guaddy a8a8980b98
Update README.md (#516) 11 hours ago
Spike fd7d977835
Add instance rd.jae.su (close #515) 11 hours ago
sybenx 50f26333cb
remove 40two.app - dead/serves ads (#517) 11 hours ago
spikecodes f5cd48b07f
Fix #514 6 days ago
spikecodes 50665bbeb3
Switch titles to <h1>s (Fixes #444) 7 days ago
spikecodes d558127306
Add keyboard shortcuts to nav buttons (closes #466) 1 week ago
Arya K 0c757023f9
Correct localhost to in SystemD conf (#498) 1 week ago
Mario A 90828cc71c
Fix "Post url contains non-ASCII characters" error (#479) 1 week ago
spikecodes 7f5bfc04b3
Always show Feeds dropdown (Fixes #408) 1 week ago
Nick Lowery 322aa97a18
Fix HTML encoding in templating (#404) 1 week ago
spikecodes 7e07ca3df1
Fix #480 1 week ago
spikecodes 428dc58e3c
Update to v0.22.8 1 week ago
erdnaxe 0ec8e4e9a2
Harden Systemd configuration (#453) 1 week ago
mikupls 60c7b6b23f
Embed css themes to simplify adding and testing new themes (#489) 1 week ago
BobIsMyManager 1c8bcf33c1
Made .onion instance url consistant (#511) 1 week ago
Spike 3bdc21f90a
Remove silkky.cloud instance. Closes #510 2 weeks ago
Nick Lowery c3dade257d
Restore post sorting preference by link (#406) 2 weeks ago
Nico 62b2bbb231
Add reddit.dr460nf1r3.org instance (#504) 2 weeks ago
Harsh Mishra 653aee9294
CI: Add docker build caching (#493) 2 weeks ago
spikecodes bb7fb1313d
Fix multireddit subscription redirect url 2 weeks ago
Nicholas Christopher 01bc729a80
✏️ Fix link to Cloudflare in README.md (#506) 2 weeks ago
Arya K 39e6e6bf81
Add lr.vern.cc to instance list (#505) 2 weeks ago
Kieran 8c94c0dd17
Let native elements use theme accent colour (#509) 2 weeks ago
Spike 1c50c8f30d
Update instances 2 weeks ago
5trongthany 3facaefb53
Add strongthany.cc instance (#478) 2 months ago
Walkx aec45311cc
✍️fix: Tries to add better readability - ➡️ fix: Moves funding links to correct file (#477) 2 months ago
spikecodes 47ab857103
Scroll overflowing tables (fixes #469) 2 months ago
Spike a9ef5bc08b
Add lunar.icu instance. Closes #460 2 months ago
mikupls eb6c5e5e1e
Fix backslash url rewriting and add tests for rewrite_urls. (#461) 2 months ago
spikecodes ed11135af8
Update to v0.22.4 2 months ago
mikupls 3a1af78e26
Wrap long post urls. (#462) 2 months ago
Spike 345770c64d
Update libreddit.privacy.com.de domain 2 months ago
spikecodes 9eb42932df
Hide empty sidebar 2 months ago
Nick Lowery f0a6bdc21b
Fix sorting buttons on r/all and r/popular (#402) 2 months ago
Spike 3eef60d486
Add instances (#432, #433, #436, #438) 3 months ago
spikecodes 59043456ba
Wrap long post titles (fixes #435) 3 months ago
Spike 90c7088da2
Link Privacy Redirect as well 3 months ago
Spike 9e65a65556
Promote LibRedirect in README 3 months ago
Spike 8cfbde2710
Add LiberaPay "Donate" button back 3 months ago
Nick Lowery 70ff150ab4
Add user listing buttons (#400) 3 months ago
Austin Huang 388779c1f2
Update instances (#421) 3 months ago
Kazi 6b605d859f
Add German leddit.xyz instance (#429) 3 months ago
Kyle Roth 0ae48c400c
Add kylrth instances (#446) 3 months ago
Esmail EL BoB a6ed18d674
Changed location of my VPS :) (#415) 3 months ago
Slayer 838cdd95d1
Update libreddit.drivet.xyz (#360) 3 months ago
Spike bc95b08ffd
Update libreddit.datatunnel.xyz to Finland 4 months ago
Spike e6190267e4
Add libreddit.datatunnel.xyz instance. Closes #401 4 months ago
Spike 3ceeac5fb0
Add lr.rfl890.cf instance. Closes #399 4 months ago
Austin Huang 60eb0137c2
Add libreddit.bus-hit.me to instances (#398) 4 months ago
Spike b6bca68d4e
Add reddi.tk instance. Closes #397 4 months ago