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dbrennand 5418303b08
ARMV7 Docker Image (#234)
* feat: Push dockerfile.

Progress on trying to get armv7 image.

* feat: Add Dockerfile.

Using rust:slim as builder image.

* refactor: Changes to build for armv7.

* feat: Add .cargo config.

Taken from:

* refactor: Add environment variable for linker.

Instead of .cargo config file.

* feat: Working cross compile version.

For Armv7.

* refactor: Clean up dockerfile.

* refactor: Rename to armv7.

Rename Dockerfile.armv7rust to Dockerfile.armv7.

* feat: Add workflow to build ARMv7 docker image.

* docs: Add armv7 deployment instructions.
2021-06-21 23:03:27 +00:00