951 Commits (master)

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Zed 683c052036 Fix placeholders in photo rail 2 weeks ago
Zed a98cf9245a Fix outdated tests 2 weeks ago
Zed 3710a4ddec Merge branch '110Percent/master' 2 weeks ago
Zed 3526318482
Merge pull request #598 from nopdotcom/docker-expose-port 2 weeks ago
Zed 6116a44d83
Merge pull request #566 from dennis1248/master 2 weeks ago
Zed 3e7898ecb5
Merge pull request #599 from nopdotcom/docker-ca-certs 2 weeks ago
Jay Carlson a21a33f835 Docker: add ca-certificates to runtime 2 months ago
Jay Carlson b5262dc010 Dockerfile: Fix EXPOSE outside the build stages 2 months ago
Zed 2536370cd7 Minor fixes, update tests 2 months ago
Zed 6884f05041
Merge pull request #584 from wasi-master/add-dracula-theme 2 months ago
Wasi Master 2b20b24abf
Fix contrast for the dracula theme 2 months ago
Wasi Master 731f814d37
Add dracula theme 2 months ago
Zed 2dc91f8453
Merge pull request #571 from jackyzy823/fix-listmember 3 months ago
jackyzy823 9b97ddc8d8 Fix list members not displaying 3 months ago
Dennis ten Hoove 36a24cf553 Implement healthcheck on nitter and redis 3 months ago
Curtis ce5cbaeb87 Implement getSource proc 3 months ago
Curtis baf5bf89e7 Implement requested changes 3 months ago
110Percent 8f65bd583d Remove accidental newline 3 months ago
110Percent b031ea762e Add source label to main tweets 3 months ago
Zed ecb6fe4162
Merge pull request #555 from yoshiyoshyosh/master 3 months ago
Zed e789fdbe5a
Merge pull request #557 from jackyzy823/fix-bio-hashtag 3 months ago
Zed 716e869594
Merge pull request #558 from jackyzy823/fix-banner-404 3 months ago
jackyzy823 c7a78a7f43 fix slashes between hastags 3 months ago
yoshiyoshyosh 3590ded482
revert previous "fix", move absolute under embed 3 months ago
yoshiyoshyosh 139b7edebc
fix embed css 3 months ago
yoshiyoshyosh 2c97cb0763
Update _base.scss 3 months ago
jackyzy823 67c937a3a2 ignore banner url startwith hash in link preload 4 months ago
jackyzy823 7ca3591920 fix non-ascii hashtag regex 3 months ago
Zed 6695784050 Fix user search parser 3 months ago
Zed a7f585feaa
Merge pull request #548 from niladic/fix-rss-source-tag 3 months ago
niladic 3e2756df6f
Fix RSS <source> tag 3 months ago
Zed b01b5eb397
Merge pull request #547 from LainLayer/master 3 months ago
Mitarashi 6e4620070e Bumped karax version 3 months ago
Zed adfd31c530 Fix timeline parser 4 months ago
Zed 8b2fa986b5
Merge pull request #538 from LainLayer/master 4 months ago
Mitarashi e01f3960cb Embed CSS tweak 4 months ago
Zed 266e0a0082 Merge branch 'gardenrobot/optimize-docker-build' 4 months ago
Zed eedf6d07b8 Remove depsOnly check since Nimble supports it 4 months ago
Zed b1a90cd52b Disable input autocomplete 4 months ago
Zed 8ecac89ea0 Fix hidePinned preference 4 months ago
Zed f10519c41a Minor RSS behavior improvements 4 months ago
Zed eadf722284 Add compile-time define to skip building binary 4 months ago
Zed 091bb6813d Move RSS compression to Redis module, fix crash 4 months ago
Sam Erika Clotfelter bd1630c2ee remove unneeded -y 4 months ago
Sam Erika Clotfelter c95fc32e0e use docker cache 4 months ago
Zed 3a076a9b4e Add experimental parser module 4 months ago
Zed 4738ec3385 Add experimental user search parser 4 months ago
Zed 49a2fbb070 Support profile image color parsing in wip parser 4 months ago
Zed a54d6aa1eb Add experimental GraphQL list members parser 4 months ago
Zed ae7091e69d Add experimental GraphQL user parser 4 months ago