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nenuzhno engine

This repository contains the old discontinued codebase of my training engine/framework. I'm currently working on a new iteration of an engine, with better architecture (that's what i'm counting on).

I put it here so as not to lose by accident.

Writen in C++. Uses OpenGL/ES 2.

Use '-help' for comand line arguments.



StarFleet - space battles "game". With basic fighter AI, but withous gameplay

tpsGame - atempt to make real game. With bullet phisics, text map format, even menu

VolLight - Volumetric lighting

gravity - 2D simulation "game"

skinning - loads mdl files (Source engine) and renders some animation

SSR - kinda screen space reflections

path_tracing - uses glsl shader for ray trace

blur-test - atempt to do bokeh

cube - just wireframe cube

ComprTex - demonstrates some compressed texture formats

vbsp-gles - vbsp maps loader and renderer