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  • this source code is originated from ffmpeg project. This is the only one C program that read moov atom metada from Quick Time movies file (.mov, mp4) which does not use any external source code and libraries, just standard C Library.

  • The difference from ffmpeg's source code is:

    1. it uses open/close/lseek/read from fcntl.h instead of flose/fopen/fseeko/ftello.
    2. it read/modify/write mp4 file in-place instead of writing output into another file.
    3. it will be merge into nginx_http_mp4_module, in order to play mp4 file immediately instead of downloading the whole file (in case moov atom was placed in the last)

To compile:

Run make

To use:

./qt-faststart demo3.mp4

Easy, right?