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.. SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0-or-later

.. figure::
   :alt: searX
   :width: 100%
   :align: center


|searx install|
|searx homepage|
|searx wiki|
|AGPL License|
|OpenCollective searx backers|
|OpenCollective searx sponsors|

Privacy-respecting, hackable `metasearch engine`_ / *pronunciation* **sɜːks**.

.. _metasearch engine:

.. |searx install| image::

.. |searx homepage| image::

.. |searx wiki| image::

.. |AGPL License|  image::

.. |Issues| image::

.. |PR| image::

.. |commits| image::

.. |OpenCollective searx backers| image::

.. |OpenCollective searx sponsors| image::

If you are looking for running instances, ready to use, then visit searx.space_.

Otherwise jump to the user_, admin_ and developer_ handbooks you will find on
our homepage_.

.. _user:
.. _admin:
.. _developer:
.. _homepage:

  openhub_ // twitter_ // IRC: #searx @ Libera (

.. _openhub:
.. _twitter:


|gluten free|

.. |gluten free| image::