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Maciej "RooTer" Urbański acefa65ac5
Run tests under python 3.10 (#3035)
10 months ago
templates Use $host in nginx morty.conf template 2 years ago
brand.env [mod] move brand options from Makefile to settings.yml 2 years ago [fix] utils/ make sure to always use searx/settings.yml 2 years ago [fix] Update about section of Invidious and Rumble + Change filtron error wording (#2959) 1 year ago [fix] exit on failure of creating environment to avoid endless loop in this case 2 years ago
lxc-searx.env [mod] LXC switch to Fedora 33 / Fedora 31 reached its EOL 2 years ago [fix] do not spit out error messages for utils/ --help 2 years ago
makefile.include [mod] replace makefile boilerplate by 'manage' script 2 years ago
makefile.lxc [mod] LXC_ENV_FOLDER moved from ./lxc to ./lxc-env 2 years ago Utility scripts adapted to run on CentOS 7 (#2112) 2 years ago Run tests under python 3.10 (#3035) 10 months ago