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Alibek Omarov 93b2f535e2 engine: client: tune max commands/max backup commands values for legacy protocol 10 hours ago
Alibek Omarov 591d572870 mainui: update 22 hours ago
SNMetamorph 3ab749cc2e engine: client: cl_tent: fixed incorrect players spray textures update 23 hours ago
SNMetamorph 084fac3606 engine: common: hpak: fixed rest of bugs in HPAK_AddLump 23 hours ago
Alibek Omarov f377461fdf engine: common: made a filter for a filter (lol), so it's possible to play selected games with cl_filterstuffcmd enabled 23 hours ago
SNMetamorph a2971ce939 filesystem: fixed uninitialized pointers in FS_FindFile when fs_ext_path enabled 2 days ago
SNMetamorph 65671d8788 engine: common: minor code fixes in hpak.c 2 days ago
Andrey Akhmichin 809d5f1aa8 engine: client: in_touch.c: add spray button. 2 days ago
SNMetamorph 49fc6143ab engine: common: imagelib: fixed loading 32 bits per pixel BMP files 2 days ago
SNMetamorph 8717843333 engine: common: imagelib: fixed BMP files estimate size calculation with NPOT textures 2 days ago
SNMetamorph f6d8996968 engine: common: imagelib: added missed BMP compression type macros 2 days ago
Alibek Omarov 9389305072 engine: common: set cl_filterstuffcmd to 1 by default 2 days ago
Alibek Omarov b6bd4bc6f8 engine: server: precisely set client connected time after they were spawned 3 days ago
Alibek Omarov 4c6fbafd20 mainui: update 3 days ago
Velaron 43c6175918 filesystem: dir.c: safer string operations 4 days ago
Velaron fcd741e2b8 filesystem: fix FS_FixFileCase behavior 4 days ago
Velaron 89807250e5 filesystem: dir.c: optimize string operations 4 days ago
Velaron 24f7db19d8 filesystem: switch file operations to an interface 4 days ago
SNMetamorph 49d93c0e76 engine: common: custom: increased custom decal size limit to 128Kb, added wrong size warning 5 days ago
SNMetamorph 707c93c32c engine: common: hpak: all file operations made to use gamedir only 5 days ago
SNMetamorph e204f05726 engine: client: fixed players spray textures not being updated 5 days ago
SNMetamorph 3bd8ad50d2 ref: gl: fixed crash when opening "Customize" menu 6 days ago
Andrey Akhmichin 3488d4e65f public: simplified strings operations. 1 week ago
Alibek Omarov 3da736a1eb engine: server: try to solve issue when server dll has no voice mgr 1 week ago
Alibek Omarov e30c61c0e2 common: netadr: use static_assert macro 1 week ago
Alibek Omarov 64e97124c3 Merge master to ipv6 1 week ago
Alibek Omarov 46979419ae wscript: check Android's log library globally 2 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov 30d9b6d844 engine: platform: win32: fix compile 2 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov 88045ce3be ref: gl: link liblog for Android 2 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov dd881d3da9 engine: server: remove duplicate function 2 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov 76d0608ee1 ref: fix beams end point 2 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov a894ca60c6 engine: client: vgui: fix vgui viewport height being limited at 480 pixels 2 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov 023f6712f9 engine: client: always toggle mouse on when in console, menu or typing chat message 2 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov 42740149ac engine: client: fix mouse cursor being hidden in background map 2 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov 7b74015c4d engine: server: check if player can hear other before sending voicedata 2 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov 57c71efe53 Documentation: fix wrong envvar in windows xcompile instructions, better wording 2 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov 45de874598 wscript: always load msvc options 2 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov aa702f0678 scripts: waifulib: xcompile: add msvc-wine support in cross-compile helper script 2 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov 927dccc71d Documentation: add simple instructions on how to cross-compile for Windows from normal operating systems 2 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov c2a24fbbce engine: client: put internal vgui shutdown AFTER HUD_Shutdown, to simulate default, external behavior 2 weeks ago
SNMetamorph ae94a6aeba engine: client: fixed client VGUI API shutdown 2 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov e9da43666c engine: client: fix loading internal vgui (thx @SNMetamorph) 2 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov d27dd68072 engine: client: vgui: rework loading VGUI and probing client for internal vgui support API 2 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov b1ee27a3f3 filesystem: add new token internal_vgui_support to mark client dlls that have internal VGUI implementation(to support other UI systems) 2 weeks ago
SNMetamorph 32372654c2 engine: server: sv_client: fixed working ent_create command on XashXT/PrimeXT 2 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov 17d0b19f9e engine: use generic S_USAGE macro everywhere 3 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov d13f7f06e4 engine: fix framerate being capped to 60FPS with vsync, remove vid_displayfrequency cvar. Never sleep with vsync or timedemo, for accuracy 3 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov f469b56b93 engine: host: only sleep once between frames 3 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov ef74f86ce2 Documentation: restore enttools docs from old engine wiki 3 weeks ago
Alibek Omarov 616cbdb1eb engine: client: change cl_cmdrate and cl_smoothtime default values to match GoldSrc 3 weeks ago