Some old legacy shit that I spent my best years of life on. Re-uploaded by request. Better use a maintained fork by Velaron:
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network Use CL_IsDead() function instead of checking CHudHealth::m_iHealth. Get rid of some VectorCopy() 2016-04-13 12:43:58 +03:00
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Counter-Strike 1.6 client.dll rewrite project.

  • Based on HLSDK 2.3.
  • Works without VGUI.
  • Runs on your phone.
  • Helpful for modders.

Latest stable release

How to run


  1. Install the APK from GitHub Releases.
  • If you have multi-core device, choose APK with omp postfix.
  • If you have single-core device or you have problems with OMP version, choose APK with noomp postfix.
  1. Install the latest Xash3D Android.

  2. Copy cstrike and valve folders from your Steam CS1.6 installation to xash folder on SDCard.

  3. Run CS16Client and enjoy!


There is many things must be done. For example:

  • Translations!
  • Better and user-friendly Java Launcher design.
  • Better weapon prediction system, animation fixes.
  • Fixing crashes.
  • Ports to another platforms.
  • CZero support.


Issues temporarily disabled due to spam. Sorry about that.

CS1.6 incompability

  1. Explain what's wrong with cs16-client.

  2. Attach a screenshot from Steam version of CS1.6. Please, please, don't send issues about modificated servers!

Crashes or bugs

  1. Explain what's wrong with cs16-client

  2. Attach a screenshot with cs16-client. Attach an engine.log. (if engine.log isn't written, rerun engine with -log parameter)

If you are experiencing bug on Android, attach an ADB log.

Code guide

For some reason, originally client is more "C with classes" than "C++". Someday it will be refactored, but now I recommend to use "C++" if it looks more convenient.

For example, if you need to work with vectors, use Vector class, instead of float[3]. They are data-compatible, but Vector is more convenient for C++ code.

For code-style guide: Use .clang-format, Luke!